#YJ40 at Yoga Journal LIVE!

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all weekend for 40 #kickasana tips and inspirational messages from our NYC event this weekend in honor of our 40th anniversary. Are you here? Share your pose pics and most memorable moments with #YJLIVE.


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Add Beauty + Antioxidants To Meals with Edible Flowers

Get creative in the kitchen with edible flowers. Bonus: They are packed with disease-fighting antioxidants.

Leslie Kaminoff: “Asanas Don’t Have Alignment”

Leslie Kaminoff says never say never about a yoga pose and that the key to safely teaching asana is shifting the focus to svadyaya.

10-Item To-Do List for New Yoga Teachers

Not sure where to start your yoga career? Here, 10 smart steps to put your best foot forward.

6 Tips for Teaching Yoga to Plus-Size Students

YJ LIVE! Presenter Michael Hayes, founder of Buddha Body Yoga, offers advice for working with bigger bodies in yoga classes.

A Guided Meditation To Do Before Exercise

Practice tuning in to your breath and body before a workout to focus and commit to nurturing and strengthening your body.

Flow In The Dark: Try Glowga

Trendy glow-in-the-dark yoga classes, practiced under neon and black lights, add a new twist to finding balance.