Meet Beyonce's Guitarist and Yogi Bibi McGill

Get Bibi's calming sequence in our November issue—dedicated  to ending hunger in our communities. Join us by volunteering at a food shelter or donating to a local food bank. Tag us @YogaJournal and follow #yjendhunger. Plus, don't miss our tribute to B. K. S. Iyengar. Hits newsstands Oct 21.


Live Stream the Radical Compassion Symposium

Tune into Naropa University's keynote series this Friday & Saturday on the intersection of compassion and the world. Sign up here.


Author Dr. Dan Siegel’s 3 Steps to Define (And Maintain) Mindfulness

New York Times best-selling author and neurobiologist Dr. Dan Siegel talks about his new book, mindfulness, and what compassion really means.

Chef Nira Kehar’s 3 Ayurveda-Inspired Principles of Mindful Eating

Chef Nira Kehar presented “Eating Stories: Montreal to New Delhi” at the James Beard House last Friday, serving up Ayurveda-inspired dishes.

6 Ways to Celebrate World Food Day and Support Family Farmers

Yogis know proper nutrition is key to their health and the planet’s. But what if you couldn’t afford the luxury of a balanced diet?

What Radical Compassion Means to Author and Activist Joanna Macy

Environmental activist and author Joanna Macy gets into what compassion really means—and how to apply it in daily life.

New Sales Tax Defines Yoga as “Physical Exercise”—and Yogis Fight Back

According to regulations of a new tax law in Washington, D.C., the yoga studio is pretty much like any other gym.

Good Karma: Donation-Based Yoga Classes to Feed the Hungry

Meet Martha McQuaid, a teacher who rallies her community to raise funds for food banks. Plus, how you can get involved.