May Issue on Newsstands 3/30

Dedicated to Mother Earth, Yoga Journal's new issue offers ideas to make your practice and life more eco-friendly—from 39 green clothing + gear picks to sustainable seafood. Plus, Kino MacGregor takes you from Ustrasana to Kapotasana in YOGAPEDIA.


Browse Yoga Poses + Sequences

Explore our Pose channel for yoga flows and step-by-step asana instruction to enhance your practice. Get an A-Z list of yoga poses.


Minimalist Living: Learn How to Declutter Your Home

Try a new take on spring cleaning. These three simple steps will help you clear your living space to clear your mind.

Should You Take a Yoga Teacher Training To Deepen Your Practice?

Don’t want to teach? Teacher trainer Jason Crandell addresses the trend of enrolling in YTT to develop your personal practice.

Kino MacGregor: India Is a Yoga Teacher

Kino MacGregor says whether you find your guru there or not, just traveling to India will teach you more than you can imagine.

3 Ways to Help Food Desert Communities

Provide healthful foods to local desert areas that don’t have the resources to grow fresh produce.

YJ Tried It: Silent Disco Yoga—More Than a Trend

Wireless headphones meet asana. And it’s more than the next fad—it’s a pretty smart fix for a variety of teaching challenges.

10 Essential Tips for Better Yoga Business Contracts

Teachers, here’s what you need to know about contracts. Business law expert Gary Kissiah lays out the essentials smart contracts include.