Former NFL Linebacker Keith Mitchell's Mindfulness Mission

Follow us on Instagram Jan 31 as former NFL linebacker Keith Mitchell takes over (#yjtakeover) and shares inspiration from his yoga and meditation event + 5K run at the LA Coliseum: Mindful Living Health Expo and AltaMed 5K.


YOGAPEDIA: Master + Prep for these Poses

Pose of the month—asana instruction, prep poses, modifications + sequences to move from Janu Sirasana to Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana.


Former NFL Linebacker Keith Mitchell’s Mindfulness Mission

How former NFL player Keith Mitchell found healing through yoga and mindfulness. Now, he wants to share that experience with others.

Kathryn Budig’s Rise + Shine Mantra Meditation

Even yogis wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Use this meditation to shift a bad mood or keep your positivity flowing.

#ChakraTuneUp2015: Intro to the Ajna

Discover the physical and mental signs of blocked energy in the sixth chakra and how you may benefit from aligning it.

3 Steps to Building a Powerful Yoga Community

Communities can develop by simply having a studio or teaching in an ideal location, but a strong one takes more than that.

Exclusive Song Premiere: New Chakra Mantra, “Amazing Space”

An entire movie soundtrack based on the chakras? Consider us intrigued. Get a first listen to the title track by Kristin Hoffmann.

A Mindful Eating Meditation to Manage Food Cravings

This meditation by Jamie Zimmerman, M.D., will help you learn to handle food cravings with greater awareness and intention.