The Best Of YJ in the December 2015 Issue

Our December 2015 issue breathes new life into readers' favorite stories from issues past like Tias Little's immune-boosting home practice, Annie Carpenter's smart take on Plank, and Janice Gates's skillful preps for finding more calm in meditation. Plus, use our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide to stay within your giving budget and our feature on the Yoga Sutra to live each moment to the fullest during this spiritual season. Happy Holidays!


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Mom-asana: Open Your Heart to Gratitude

The next installment in Janet Stone’s series of weekly “mom-asanas” for strength, fitness, and grounding at any stage of motherhood is gratitude-asana.

4 Ways to Practice Outside + Reset Your Filter Now

Ever feel like you need a bolt of perspective? Getting outside is a good place to start.

YJ Gratitude Challenge: 5 Things on Karen Mozes’s List

Business of Yoga expert Karen Mozes, who has a lot to be grateful for this season, shares her unique personal practice.

How Your Sweaty Yoga Class Might Make You Happier

Research shows there could be a second reason you’re upbeat after that killer yoga class.

A Definitive Guide to Staying Present

PRESENTED BY CORNING® GORILLA® GLASS: Mind wandering? Can’t concentrate? There’s nothing like a tough trek to keep you tethered to the present.

YJ Gratitude Challenge: 5 Things on Janet Stone’s List

San Francisco-based yoga teacher Janet Stone offers her personal strategies for fighting the pull of “not-enoughness.”