Meet Beyonce's Guitarist and Yogi Bibi McGill

Get Bibi's calming sequence in our November issue—dedicated  to ending hunger in our communities. Join us by volunteering at a food shelter or donating to a local food bank. Tag us @YogaJournal and follow #yjendhunger. Plus, don't miss our tribute to B. K. S. Iyengar. Hits newsstands Oct 21.


What the heck is a hashtag?

Our #YJBusinessofYoga experts explain the art of using hashtags to grow your business. Don’t miss YJ’s first-ever Business of Yoga online course, launching in 2015. Sign up here!


The Business of Yoga: What the Heck Is a Hashtag?

Our business and yoga experts explain hashtags, and how to use them in social media posts to effectively to grow your yoga business.

Home Decor: The DIY Terrarium

Bring serenity and greenery into your home with this low-maintenance decor solution.

Oil Pulling 101: Benefits & How to do It

Research suggests this Ayurvedic health technique works. Here’s how, and an alternative solution if you just hate oil.

Recipe: Kathryn Budig’s Coconut-Lemon-Rosemary Popcorn

#FindYourInspiration in this vegan recipe that takes a classic snack to the next level.

How Green Tomatoes Rebuild Your Muscles

New research shows green tomatoes promote muscle growth and might even be better for you than red tomatoes.

Author Dr. Dan Siegel’s 3 Steps to Define (And Maintain) Mindfulness

New York Times best-selling author and neurobiologist Dr. Dan Siegel talks about his new book, mindfulness, and what compassion really means.