YJ's November 2016 Issue

Feel your best in mind, body, and soul this fall. Explore what it REALLY takes to teach yoga. Challenge yourself in Ganda Bherundasana with Liz Arch. Plan an Ayurvedic Thanksgiving Feast—and so much more!


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Q&A with Kat Fowler: On Essential Oils and Traveling as a Yogi

Kat Fowler’s lighthearted and inspirational style of teaching encourages personal expression, inner connection and courage through movement.

LGBT History Month: One Yoga Teacher’s Coming Out Story

In honor of LGBT History Month and National Coming Out Day (October 11), yoga teacher Daniel Sernicola shares his coming out story.

7 Signs of a Great Yoga Teacher Mentor

Finding the right yoga teacher mentor can be challenging. Here, Alexandria Crow shares her thoughts on how to tell if you’ve found a good match.

Battling a Monkey Mind? Try a DIY Glitter Jar

If you’re wrestling with monkey mind, there’s a new mindfulness practice that’s as effective as it is pretty: the DIY glitter jar.

Build Core Strength for Challenge Poses with Bakasana Toe Taps

If you’ve mastered Bakasana and are ready to take your arm balance practice to the next level, try incorporating these Bakasana toe-taps into your routine. 

Inner Engineering: Sadhguru Explores the Nature of Joy

Are you searching for a sense of peace, joy, and well-being? You won’t find it in the outside world, spiritual teacher Sadhguru explains in his new book, Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy.