Yoga for Vets

In this five-part series, author Bhava Ram explores the insight the film American Sniper offers into the yoga of war, the mind of a veteran, and the practices crucial to healing. Visit our yoga for vets hub for more.


YOGAPEDIA: Bound Angle to Lotus Bootcamp

Pose of the month—asana instruction, prep poses, modifications + sequences to move from Bound Angle Pose to Lotus Pose.


Rape Charges Against Bikram Ripple Through the Yoga Community

The sexual assault and rape accusations against hot yoga guru Bikram Choudhury keep piling up. A new rape case was filed February 13 to bring the total number of civil lawsuits that Choudhury faces to six. Here’s the down low.

Yoga Practices for Veterans: Mindful Emotions

Positive emotions can alter your inner chemistry from stress-fueled adrenaline and cortisol to oxytocin and other healing neurochemicals.

Ask the Expert: Which Yoga Poses Prevent Lower-Back Pain?

Answers to your questions about detoxifying yoga, back pain, digestive distress, and more. I switched to a standing desk, but […]

Priest Says Yoga Leads to Satan: Here, Just 4 of the Reasons We Disagree

Does Downward-Facing Dog lead you straight to the devil? It can, according to a priest in Northern Ireland. Here’s why that’s ridiculous.

Asana Cues Decoded: “Tadasana Is the Blueprint Pose”

Teachers’ teacher Alexandria Crow explains why she wholeheartedly endorses this yoga cliche—now that she gets it.

Yoga Teachers, Overcome Fear and Competitive Feelings

Register for the free Business of Yoga webinar with tips for facing your fears and insight from special guests Sianna Sherman and Ashley Turner on Monday, March 2nd.