Join us this month to tune in to and tune up your energy centers for a whole mind-body-soul health overhaul for the new year.


Wake-Up Poses to Energize Body + Mind

Jump-start your day with this sequence from home practice teacher, YJLIVE presenter and founder of the Africa Yoga Project Paige Elenson.


3 Steps to Building a Powerful Yoga Community

While building communities may be possible by simply having a studio or teaching in an ideal location, a strong community takes a little more than that.

Exclusive Song Premiere: New Chakra Mantra, “Amazing Space”

An entire movie soundtrack based on the chakras? Consider us intrigued. Get a first listen to the title track by Kristin Hoffman.

A Mindful Eating Meditation to Manage Food Cravings

This meditation by Jamie Zimmerman, M.D., will help you learn to handle food cravings with greater awareness and intention.

YJ Tried It: Salt Therapy Treatment

Want to breathe a little bit easier? Some say the solution is sitting in a salt-filled room.

Alignment Cues Decoded: “Root to Rise”

Alexandria Crow explains why a pose’s foundation is so key and what your teacher wants you to do with this key alignment cue.

Gratitude Practice: The Power of a Hand-Written Thank You Note

Bring your gratitude to life with a simple note. How this little act of kindness is proving to have larger benefits.