Wake-Up Poses to Energize Body + Mind

Jump-start your day with this sequence from home practice teacher, YJLIVE presenter and founder of the Africa Yoga Project Paige Elenson.



Join us this month to tune in to and tune up your energy centers for a whole mind-body-soul health overhaul for the new year.


Alignment Cues Decoded: “Root to Rise”

Alexandria Crow explains why a pose’s foundation is so key and what your teacher wants you to do with this key alignment cue.

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Start grabbing your community’s attention with catchier email subject lines.

A Morning Meditation to Start Your Day Mindfully

This 10-minute video from Sonima will help you become aware of the sensations of waking and mindfully set an intention for the day.

#ChakraTuneUp2015: Intro to the Visuddha

Discover the physical and mental signs of blocked energy in the fifth chakra and how you may benefit from aligning it.

Pop-Up Yoga Classes: Impromptu Asana Is Trending

Yoga classes are popping up in public libraries, city parks, and other public locations.