Stop Drop and Snowga

Spotted! Yogis braving the temps in Snowgasana. Get inspired to try it with these flurry-friendly pose pics.


NEW! December YJ Issue

On stands November 25. Don't miss Deepak Chopra's exercise to connect with your true self, and try cover model & home practice teacher Leah Cullis' flow to open your heart to joy. Plus mouthwatering gluten-free holiday recipes, our dosha-inspired gift guide + more. 


Stress-Less Holiday Travel Survival Kit for Yogis

These 8 items will not only help you survive the planes, trains, and automobiles but also find a bit of bliss en route.

The World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher: Her Secrets to a Long, Active, Happy Life

If there’s living proof that yoga is the fountain of youth, it’s 96-year-old Guinness-World-Records-holding Tao Porchon-Lynch.

Food App: Eat at Sustainable Restaurants with Edible Credits

A new crowdfunded program makes it easy to invest in small, sustainable startup restaurants and artisanal food businesses.

Kathryn Budig Q+A with Yoga Teacher Gina Caputo

#FindYourInspiration in this heart-to-heart between two yoga teachers who lead by example and make every day count.

Tragedy At An Indian Ashram

A violent showdown developed at the Northern India compound of controversial guru Sant Rampal this week.

Two Fit Moms’ Backbending Practice

A sequence to unwind everyday stress and upper-body tightness created by all of our digital devices.