The New Yoga Journal

We have a fresh look! Teacher and traveler extraordinaire Kathryn Budig gracing the cover of our redesigned October issue. On newsstands September 16.


VIDEO: How to Use Sitali Breath

Yoga teacher Gigi Yogini shows us this breathing technique to decrease body heat and calm anxiety.


Ask the Expert: Sun Exposure and Yoga Studios

Is practicing under sunlight refracted through windows damaging to my health? An expert weighs in.

When Yoga Lights the Way

A social justice activist offers yoga for domestic workers as a way to nurture women who bring love and care to others.

Think Pink for Fall Yoga Fashion

Fall is typically the time when you trade your splashy summer wardrobe for a more subdued palette. But activewear designers are breaking all the rules this season by thinking pink.

How a Teacher Found Her Calling

Leslie Booker teaches yoga and mindfulness to teenagers who are incarcerated or involved with the court system.

Ask the Expert: Nausea During Fish Pose

Why do you feel nauseated when you lean your head back in Fish Pose? An expert weighs in.

Meet Jaysea DeVoe: The Youngest Yogi

This teen yoga teacher is taking her practice to the next level, all before she enters high school.