LIVESTREAM: YJ LIVE! Honoring Veterans Through Our Special Event

Help us spread the awareness of the healing benefits of Yoga for Veterans and those facing life trauma. Join us at YJ LIVE! San Diego register now or livestream our FREE 90-minute yoga practice featuring Warriors for Healing and Bhava Ram, right here.


Goddess Yoga Project with Sianna Sherman

Take your practice to the next level with master teacher Sianna Sherman. Lean how to skillfully integrate mudra, mantra and pranayama with asana. Save $25 with code GODDESS25. ENROLL NOW.  


Your 7-Step Guide to Experiencing Wild Thing

Camatkarasana, or Wild Thing, is a pose Bryant Park Yoga teacher Sara Clark can’t get enough of. It’s both a celebration and representation of the dynamic ways our body can move.

Boost Immune System (and Mood!) with Awe-Inspiring Scenery

A recent study found that breathtaking scenery can bring positive health benefits.

The Natural Gourmet: Vegan Kale-Basil Pesto Recipe

Try this easy vegan kale-basil pesto to aid digestion and boost protection from environmental toxins.

3 Yoga Mudras for Love, Focus, and Freedom

Yoga’s hand expressions, mudras, are said to shift energies from what we might be experiencing to how we want to feel. Learn three you can use today.

Salute the Sun on Sunday, the First International Day of Yoga

Grab your mat and practice with yogis around the world for the first-ever International Day of Yoga on June 21, the summer solstice.

Need a Stronger Painkiller? Try Your Meditation Cushion

Neck pain and stress-related tension are a regular struggle for many, but experts say meditation may be the key to longterm relief.