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6 Tips for Teaching Yoga to Plus-Size Students

YJ LIVE! Presenter Michael Hayes, founder of Buddha Body Yoga, offers advice for working with bigger bodies in yoga classes.

A Guided Meditation To Do Before Exercise

Practice tuning in to your breath and body before a workout to focus and commit to nurturing and strengthening your body.

Flow In The Dark: Try Glowga

Trendy glow-in-the-dark yoga classes, practiced under neon and black lights, add a new twist to finding balance.

Can Wild Thing Actually Be Practiced Safely?

With the yoga community’s recent head-spinning debate on this pose, we turned to anatomy experts Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews for guidance.

DIY Almond Milk? Finally—What to Do With the Pulp

If you’ve ever made nut milk, you’ve no doubt wondered what to do with the leftovers. Leave it to the Natural Gourmet Institute to come up with a delicious solution.

Deepak Chopra’s 2-Minute Meditation for Love + Forgiveness

In this short affirmation-based meditation with Deepak Chopra, M.D., you can use his positive words to shift your thoughts and action.