#TGIF GIVEAWAY! Win a Yoga Mat Cleaner Set Up + Yoga Towels by Kulae

In the spirit of getting excited for the weekend, and our LIVE BE YOGA tourYoga Journal and Kulae are giving away a 3mm tpECOmat, a 5mm tpECOmat Plus, two Zuska Yoga Towels, and two mat cleaners. Kulae offers colorful and eco-friendly yoga gear in an effort to spread real good karma. Enter to win.


YJ's All-New August Issue

Our August issue is full of inspiration for practicing, teaching and living with purpose. Meet our 2016 cover model winner, Florida teacher Mary Lyn Jenkins who is a prime example of someone who does just that. Then, check out our AM and PM Intention-Setting Sequence, neck safety anatomy tutorial for Shoulderstand, and Sequence for Setting Healthy Boundaries in your life. Make every moment of this summer count!


Why Yogis Need to Vote This Fall

When yogis come together as members of the 50 million-strong well-being community, we become a powerful constituency, says Kerri Kelly of #voteWELL.

You’re a Yoga Teacher, Not a Therapist

Yoga students often bring their off-the-mat problems into the studio, looking for guidance. While it’s easy for teachers to get sucked into these conversations, it can be tricky to know what to offer in response.

7 Strategies for Recovering from Yoga Teacher Burnout

Making ends meet while building a following as a yoga teacher can be draining. Take heart and start employing these simple self-preservation strategies.

Astrology: What Your Sign Says About Your Career

Struggling to find a career that you’re passionate about? Turns out, you’ve known your true calling since you were a kid, says astrologer Debra Silverman.

Trend to Try: Drop-In Meditation Studios

Drop-in meditation studios with 100- and 200-hour meditation teacher trainings are popping up around the country.

Alignment Cues Decoded: “Draw Your Shoulder Blades Down”

It’s yoga’s unofficial arms-overhead anthem. But Yoga Physics founder Alexandria Crow is on a mission to ban this widespread cue. Here, she breaks down what you need to know.