Game Changers: Yoga in Action

Join Seane Corn and Off the Mat, Into the World for a three-day experience of yoga, embodied transformational work and inner study, and training in cultural awareness and social justice. Create change—starting from the inside out.


Countdown to YJ's Big 4-0!

We’re counting down to YJ's big anniversary with a look back at the best of our archives, a sneak peek at our special September issue, and so much more. Celebrate yoga and the history of YJ with us all summer on Facebook & Twitter at #YJ40.


Listen Up: Summer 2015 Yoga Playlist for Teens

Yoga teacher Maggie DiPasquale say music is essential for setting the tone in teen yoga classes and offers tips for choosing songs that move teens.

A Simple Guided Breathing Meditation

Without breath, the prana we cultivate through yoga practice would have no real avenue for circulation; the breath is everything.

Vinyasa 101: Is Your Yoga Class Too Fast?

Some students equate a good yoga class with a fast one, but moving too quickly can lead to injuries. Here, master teacher Eddie Modestini offers three signs it’s time to slow down.

3 Secrets for Better Arm Balances

Struggling with arm balances? The secret lies in the hands and forearms. Learn how to support your weight throughout your inversion practice.

Yoga Makes Debut at Special Olympics

For the first time, yoga classes will be offered at the Special Olympics World Games kicking off this Saturday, July 25th, in Los Angeles.

The Natural Gourmet: Why You Should Start Eating Purslane

This green—better known as a garden weed—has a nutrition profile capable of competing with the best superfoods.