Baron Baptiste’s Playlist

Baron Baptiste is known for testing yogis’ endurance with his Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, a fast-paced and physically intense style of asana practice. His playlist starts off primed for Sun Salutations, builds energy for a series of standing poses, and then chills out for seated and supine poses. Practicing yoga to music can, he says, “spark our spirit and call forth something deep in us that is both ancient and fully present. Music creates an opening to action and stillness, which takes practice into new realms of mystery and expansive reality.”Please note: If you do not have iTunes installed, you will be given a download prompt.

Click on the song titles below to download.

Namah Shivaya
 by Krishna Das

 by Afro Celt Sound System

 by Prem Joshua

Waking the Spirits
 by Bob Holroyd

Crazy Crazy Crazy
by Michael Franti

Om Narayana
by Wade Imre Morissette

Riders on the Storm
by Yonderboi

Little Star by Madonna

Abonecronedrone 3
by Sheila Chandra

Hari Om
by Jai Uttal