Cyndi Lee’s Playlist

Students practice to empty their minds and bodies of tension, says Cyndi Lee of the OM Yoga Center in New York, and playing the right music can help by keeping the meditation moving. Singing along is strongly encouraged and can help stimulate the breath, says Lee. Try doing standing poses when Santana plays. If you’re looking to practice inversions, press Pause for silent concentration, and then crank the stereo back up with heart-opening covers by Rufus Wainwright and Shelby Lynne for your backbends. – KELLEY LUGEA

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Surya Namaskar
 by Drala

CorRina, CorRina
 by Bob Dylan

 by The Beyman Bros.

Samba Pa Ti
 by Santana

Across the Universe
by Rufus Wainwright

The Look of Love
by Shelby Lynne

Concept 101 by Kodomo

Diamond in Your Mind
 by Tom Waits

They Say It’s Wonderful
 by John Coltrane

Kiss of Bliss
 by Steve Gorn and Jamie Lawrence