Dana Flynn’s Playlist

Vinyasa teacher and co-founder of Laughing Lotus studios in New York and San Francisco, Dana Flynn says playing soulful tracks during a flow sequence brings out a “fierce grace.” The blues might take you through several Downward-Facing Dogs, Plank Poses, and Upward-Facing Dogs. Jazz-infused soul is great for Warriors I and II before going on to backbends with Ani DiFranco. Finally, try some forward bends with a minimalist version of “Sea of Love.” – KELLEY LUGEA

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I Feel the Way I Feel
by Big Mama Thornton

Love’s in Need of Love Today
by Susan Tedeschi

To Love Somebody
by Janis Joplin

Peace of Mind
by Nina Simone

by Leela James

Amazing Grace
by Ani DiFranco

Om Namah Shivaya
by Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band

Blessed to Be a Witness
by Ben Harper

Sea of Love
by Cat Power