Daren Friesen’s Playlist

"Rhythm is an integral part of vinyasa," says Daren Friesen, director of Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago. "It assists in getting your body calm, your mind in focus, and re—vealing your spirit un-der—neath those layers." The slow electronica beats that start this playlist make a nice accompaniment to seated forward folds, side stretches, and twists. If you’re going for vinyasa, there’s plenty of percussion, deep bass, and Latin sounds to keep you flowing during several rounds of Sun Salutations. The closing "Jai Hanuman" is a nice segue into meditation or a deeply restful Savasana (Corpse Pose). – KELLEY LUGEA

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Offering to Ganesh by ANIMA

by Tosca

Meena Devi
by Tulku

by Thievery Corporation

Om Namah Shivaya
by Devi 2000

All Our Ancestors
by Tuu

El Despedimiento
by Jorge Reyes

by Dave Stringer

Lahore Connection
by Prem Joshua

Jai Hanuman
by Shaman’s Dream Project