Energy Essentials

In yoga, when we talk about energy we talk about prana, the pulsing lifeforce that moves through your body. We practice asana (yoga postures) and pranayama (yogic breathing), eat certain foods, wake at certain times, and engage in other practices to help support the flow of prana. Follow the links below to learn more about prana and how to boost your energy with yoga.

Positively Prana
Why does yoga make you feel so good?

Spinal Tap
The spine can have a profound effect on your body’s energy. Here’s how to access it through your practice.

Energy Boost
Ayurveda offers an explanation – and some cures – for general fatigue.

More Power To You
Herbs can give your practice a needed boost.

Energizing Yoga
Jason Crandell teaches a sequence to energize the body and mind in this practice video.

Fluid Nature
This fun and gentle vinyasa video sequence by Kia Miller will leave you feeling both energized and soothed.