Leah Kalish’s Playlist

You don’t have to fill your MP3 player with silly songs if you want to do yoga with your child. You can enhance your mommy-(or daddy)-and-me practice with music you both enjoy. For little yogis, Yoga Ed director and kids yoga teacher Leah Kalish (pictured) recommends including the same kind of songs that adults practice to-without profanity, of course. Decent music not only sets the tone and mood for yoga but also fills the space, so kids are less inclined to goof off, Kalish says. – ERICA RODEFER

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Soothing Sanctuary, Part 1
by David & Steve Gordon

Priya (Beloved)
by Michael Mandrell and Benjy Wertheimer

Infusion (Bombay Mix)
by Adham Shaikh

Where is the Love
by Karaoke All Stars

Row, Row, Row Your Boat
by Brent Lewis

Send in the Drums
by James Asher

Talk to the Animals
by Sammy Davis, Jr.

by J.S. Bach

by Deuter