Lisa Black’s Playlist

Silence is powerful, says Lisa Black, owner of Shakti Vinyasa studios in the Seattle area, but music, too, can be inspiring. Black, a Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga instructor, begins with a grounding track to calm the mind. Next are upbeat songs, perfect for Sun Salutations. More-reflective tunes follow for balancing poses, and then the pace picks up again for backbends and core work before slowing down with inversions, floor poses, and Savasana.

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ABoneCroneDrone 2
 by Sheila Chandra

 by Tumbara

The Awakening
 by Sheila Chandra

Prana Shakti
 by Desert Dwellers Down Temple Wave

Reaching Motherland
by Cybertribe

There Is So Much Magnificence
by Steve Gold

by Ganga Giri

Soft Music Under Stars
 by Fila Brazillia

Gayatri Mantra
 by Nada Shakti and Bruce BecVar

 by Michael Mandrell and Benjy Wertheimer