Vinnie Marino’s Playlist

Vinyasa flow teacher Vinnie Marino, based in Santa Monica, California, shapes his music-infused sequences like an arc, with the songs serving as a guide to the practice. “There is a rise and fall of the music through the rise and fall of the practice,” he says. A solemn melody at the beginning signals the time to come into stillness after a silent Child’s Pose. Marino then cranks up classics from Led Zeppelin and Jefferson Airplane for self-paced Sun Salutations. What follows is music for a heart-pumping sequence that might include intense hip openers after slowing down with Jeff Buckley’s soulful rendition of “Hallelujah.” – KELLEY LUGEA

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All I Need
by Air

Gayatri Mantra
by Deva Premal

Dancing Barefoot
by Patti Smith

Dancing Days
by Led Zeppelin

Dear Prudence
by Siouxsie and the Banshees

White Bird
by It’s a Beautiful Day

Comin’ Back to Me
by Jefferson Airplane

by Jeff Buckley

Fields of Gold
by Eva Cassidy

Returning by Jennifer Berezan (Not Available for Download)