Tales of Transformation

The Strength of Purpose

When her son is diagnosed with autism, yoga helps Erin Turner focus her energy to keep him well.

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Lost and Found

After a tragic loss, Jessica Ritter finds her Self again through yoga.

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On My Feet Again

Decades after a paralyzing stroke, yoga restores Gale-Ann Maier’s strength and stability.

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Calming Breath

A panic disorder had Rashel Fitchett sick with anxiety and fear, until pranayama helps restore peace in her life.

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Deep Nourishment

Through yoga, Emma Essery learns to change her thoughts and her battle with her body.

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Back in the Saddle

Back and neck pain forced cowboy Albert Marquis to hang up the reins. Through basic yoga stretching, he finds his way back into the saddle.

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A Visualization of Healing

Suffering from brain damage after a car accident, Robin Cohn finds acceptance through yoga.

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Finding Peace in My Humanity

In her darkest hour, Sherri Meyer learns there is light in every crack.

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Back to Balance

After losing part of her foot to Sepsis, Kelly Larson rediscovers balance—physically and emotionally—through the lessons of yoga.

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A Run to Begin Again

After a devastating car accident, yoga helps Sima Tamaddon run again.

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Seized by Yoga

Diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, Sharon Powell’s seizures threatened to withhold her from a normal existence. Through yoga, Sharon learns to reclaim her life.

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