DVD: Transform Yourself With Jivamukti Yoga

Transform Yourself With Jivamukti Yoga with David Life and Sharon Gannon. Acacia; acaciacatalog.com

On their first DVD together, Jivamukti Yoga creators Sharon Gannon and David Life offer an hour-long practice that guides you through chanting, fast-paced asana, meditation, and more—all while inspiring you to achieve self-confidence, joy, and serenity. You can choose a narration by Life or Gannon to accompany the practice sequence. Both narrations incorporate yogic philosophy; Gannon focuses primarily on teachings about self-awareness, while Life concentrates on the shared human experience. Both touch on the therapeutic benefits of different poses and the importance of being in harmony with the rhythm of the world and nature, a tenet of Jivamukti Yoga.

Throughout, the two demonstrate the depth of their collective knowledge. Although it’s difficult to reproduce the multisensory experience of a live Jivamukti class, Gannon and Life have created a rich at-home practice for all to enjoy.