Yoga for Balance: Cyndi Lee’s Solo Home Practice Sequence

Need help in creating a complete home practice? This yoga for balance solo sequence by Cyndi Lee is appropriate for yogis of all levels who want to practice steadiness on the mat.Om


  • Begin your practice with the chant OM.

Balancing Breath

  • Inhale for six counts and exhale for six counts.

Warm-Up Vinyasa

Repeat four times.

Sun Salutation

Repeat the entire series three to five times.

Featured Sequence

Now move through this balancing sequence.

Perform the sequence twice–once leading with the right leg, then leading with the left.


For safety’s sake, practice with your hands three to six inches away from a wall.


Backbend Neutralizers

Forward Bends

Closing Pose


  • Perform a closing meditation to round out your practice.


  • End your practice with the chant OM.

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Cyndi LeeAbout Our Writer 
Cyndi Lee
is the founder of OM Yoga Center in New York City. She is a longtime practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism and has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. Cyndi is the author of OM Yoga: A Guide to Daily Practice and Yoga Body, Buddha Mind.