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maria young

Or, as Richard had us so aptly chant in class: "Row row row your boat, gently down the stream....merrily merrily merrily is but a dream." Love you Richard!


J. Krishnamurti was not a sage, but a revolutionary of thought that to my opinion was a true Yogi that never tought yoga to anyone, but only said 'truth is a pathless land' and that is just a reminder that self reliance in a spiritual path is the way. It is not the teacher the matter, but a true teacher will remind others to look within.

Karolina Trpcevska

Every system is restriction - it's modification of the essence of the human potential... but, beginners need a systematic guidance - some, only for a while and some, for the whole life...

darrell sekin

"Draw a distinction between spirituality and religion." Religion is a preference for a particular belief or practice. Spirit opts for all preferences without prejudice. Spirit feels the situation and is the situation. Religion discriminates;spirit does not.
Lawton: Templars...part 2

Linda Shields

There is never a time when your Higher Self can not learn. A "system" is essential to even the most elevated. There is always One of One who can guide you on your Divine Path at every stage. When you discard "tradition" and listen to that"inner voice" what assures you that it is not your own ego responding? In spiritual practices, remain humble. Disgard no-thing. Namaste.

Janrt Jackson

I agree wholeheartedly! Youth can teach us much about accepting life for the beautiful journey it represents each moment of the day. Children can help us keep life in perspective while they also learn from their elders.

Pam Chatterjee

I agree with you Stephanie on this -we need to learn from our children -they will show us the way.

Stephanie Reed

I really feel and hope that more realization about spirtuallity can be more open and expressed in all forms of life. We should be focusing on our young generation to start out properly, feeling their way not being told how to feel. We should ALL be aware that the children's perspective can bring much to our world and our lives on a daily basis. If only there were more that felt this way and would listen to our youth.

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