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Lori Miles

What a gift that Yogi Bhajan gave us with the introduction to kundalini yoga. It is the most spiritual of all yoga and the most effective in clearing out space of light. To be able to closely connect with my beloved and His guidance for my path in life is what I am so grateful for.

Sada Anand Kaur

Controversy will make a human famous. In a 'bigger' picture, no one or anything, is good or is just an individual's perspective.

Eleusis D

Yogi Bhajan was here in Austin in 1974 (I was part of a group that invited him), and he was a hoot! Much funnier, less formal than I would have imagined - though he seemed rather stern compared to the other two Swamis we brought in that year. Might have been all that hot pepper!

Anyway, don't get bogged down in the personalities. A guru's a guru, but samadhi's a joke! (Apologies to R. Kipling).

Life to Smoochie!



I am amazed to read of a desire to censor anything with a particular Yogi's name on it.
Simply because someone wrote something negative or someone had a negative experience does not make the teachings themselves negative. Or for that matter, they do not make the Teacher negative.
Experience for yourself.
We are each responsible for our own resistance and fear.
Sada Bahar Kaur


I am losing my wife and child to 3HO.


please do not confuse your beliefs of a particular group (of which i have no comment) with the ancient practice of kundalini yoga. i would encourage people who wish to learn more to research for themselves to find the answers to questions and not base their opinion solely on what other people say. sat nam.

Devta Kaur

I have no idea where you may have gotten your ideas about Yogi Bhajan or Kundalini Yoga, or what you want us to read. The url you shared is no longer working. I have been a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan for 15 years and teaching for 11. It is a wonderful yoga practice that has changed not only my life, but the lives of my students and those I know who also practice. I met Yogi Bhajan and no, he was not a *con man*, nor was he a false guru. 3HO is not a *cult*, nor is this a bad side of yoga. You may not personally like Kundalini Yoga & Meditation; you may not care for Yogi Bhajan or his teachings. That's okay, you are entitled to your feelings and opinion, but to make such blanket statements as you have done is inappropriate. Infinite Blessings to you, Devta Kaur


To the commenters....Thanks!


I could not agree more with the above comment! there are disgraceful things going on in the name of yoga. There is no guidance out there for the public. It seems to me to be a vital duty that we adress & deal with difficult issues within the yoga community. Yoga journal has some good articles, but I wish it was not such a fluffy, idealised publication with entirely "perfect" pretty pretty photography. Very much a consumerist nicey-nice version of yoga. Give us some REAL, incisive, challenging & intelectual content. How I wish this publication would broaden & raise it's outlook.


I woould like to point that even the world of yoga has its bad sides like false gurus who ripped off people for huge amounts of money. One of those is the one called Yogi Bhajan. Read here:
I think that your Yoga Journal should be aware of this in order to help people to avoid traps like this and avoid that Yoga gets a bad reputation. Take out anything referring to this con man and his cult named 3HO and have a column about this bad side of Yoga.

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