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I have taken much benefit from my practice of Ashtanga Yoga. I disagree that "This form of yoga is intensely physical and athletic", Ashtanga Yoga is not all or nothing. So 'intensely physical and athletic' is only looking at at the Asanas of Ashtanga, which is only one of eight limbs of the practice.
On an another thought; the student is given Asanas by a teacher, the student doesn't have need to do more than this.


I think that Yoga Journal should have used a photo of an Ashtanga pose for the article


I agree with James.


Ashtanga was my first yoga and it transformed me...


Whether it is a modern invention or an ancient system, it offers amazing benefits. I have never been particularly athletic and "dabbled" in asana practice for perhaps ten years before taking up this practice a year ago at age 56, with the encouragement of an excellent teacher who emphasized that it is focus, breath and intention rather than athletic acheievement that define yoga. I am amazed at the physical, mental and emotional benefits and recommend it to anyone.


The Yoga Kurunta referred to in the Ashtanga article never existed. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is not an ancient system, but a modern invention.


Why is Norman Allen's name not mentioned among the Asthtanga Teachers to Know????!!!


David Swensons Ashtanga Yoga The practice visual reference practice cards are wonderful. I keep them by my mat everytime I practice. The practice manuel is better for reference and study but you cant beat the cards to stay in sequence


Leslianne, Sadly, that is a very common misunderstanding about Ashtanga yoga (vinyasa yoga is not necessarily Ashtanga, but loosely and sometimes irresponsibly based on the Ashtanga system). In Ashtanga, there are always modifications to the asanas. What is most important is the breath, the ujjayi breath, which is married to the flow of the movement. If the breath changes, one must step back and modify, or more traditionally, according to K Pattabi Jois, stop at that point. A wise Ashtangi knows that. Unfortunately, there are some who practice Ashtanga who haven't quite accepted that knowledge and, yes, they can injure themselves. I hope that helps to clarify.

Bob Mykulak

Who teaches Ashtanga in the Flemington, New Jersey area? Also, who provides weekend classes on this subject. I am very interested in this form of yoga and would like to pursue it further. Thank you.

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