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Kae. B. Maynes

I am just starting out in Yoga because in a summer group I am participating in, every thursday we have a yoga instructor come and teach us. I am actually very good at it already, yet the last time I did yoga was when I was in third grade I do believe, soooooo... going on 6 years ago! The reason I believe I am so good is that I am already VERY flexible, and, I was doing yoga moves on my own without realizing it! For example, I have gone to the extremes of the bow pose, and gotten my feet past my mouth! Yet, at the time, I had not known it was yoga. The instructor seemed to believe that I should start practicing at home as well, and gave me a couple of pages from her edition of Yoga Journal: June 2013. I took a look when I got home, and I decided to check out the website. I ended up taking this quiz, and now here I am. I have done several intermediate moves without realizing it, yet I can't even do some of the beginners! By the way, I'm only 14, so I have PLENTY of time to learn! Well, everyone, wish me luck!!! ^^

Jason Ray Brown

I began my journey in yoga with the Integral Yoga Institute in NYC in 1995. I taught at the IYI from 1998-2001, and subsequently went on to study under many other teachers within many different traditions. But I still credit the IYI with giving me the strong foundation in traditional yoga that informs my practice and teaching to this day. I am very grateful that the IYI exists, and hope that it continues to prosper in the years to come.

To anyone seeking a traditional, well-rounded approach to hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation, yogic diet and lifestyle... I highly recommend the IYI system.


As an Integral Yoga teacher I think Integral Yoga is really unique in that we are able to have or develop a strong practice while still remaining peaceful and easeful. The essence of peace and ease in the presence of strength I think is important in our definition. I like that the article described pretty accurately that people can expect chanting, pranayama, and meditation as well as asana in the Integral Yoga class. And of course, we're famous for our fabulous approach to Yoga Nidra.


This style of yoga is traditional and authentic. It is suitable for everyone. I have enjoyed this style of yoga that for years and I am not, elderly, injured or pregnant. It is gentle but can be challenging depending upon the level of yoga that you are taking. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Lakshmi Sutter

The description "Integral [Yoga]'s gentle poses ..." is not quite accurate. There are certainly gentle IY classes that are fabulous & appropriate for many populations. While IY's approach is gentle, the poses are NOT necessarily gentle. Beginners move toward poses such as bow, locust, shoulder stand and fish - none of which are generally considered *gentle*.

Once established in the practice, intermediate and advanced level poses can get quite complex and be anything BUT gentle - although the process of approaching even the most challenging poses IS soft, hence the "gentle approach" that has been slightly distorted in this description.


I started Integral Yoga two months ago, and really love it. What I enjoy about them is that it is truly welcoming to everyone, elderly or otherwise. With many studios I was missing the meditation aspect of class, so I am really happy to have found this practice.


This style of yoga was introduced to me as a place to start and after reading this article Im very excited to begin! I am not elderly, nor injured, but see the power in Intregal Yoga. Very excited to begin my journey! Wish me luck :)


Of course we all benefit from consciously slowing the pace, and creating gentleness in our lives. It is unfortunate that this sort of care is most typically recommended for the injured, ill and pregnant..lucky them! We don't need to be injured to take a break from the race! I love the unofficial Yogaville motto: "Start Slow and taper off..The easy path is hard enough!"


The article stated that Integral Hatha is an "ideal practice for the elderly". This statement isn't saying that Integral Hatha is only for the elderly, just that the elderly would benefit from this practice because of its gentle poses and focus on meditation. :)


The article did not emphasis that Integral Hatha was only for the elderly. It emphasized Integral Hatha as gentle poses and emphasis on meditation (more in tune to the true meaning of yoga - uniting mind and body) AND it would be ideal for pregnant women, the elderly. I don't fall into any of those "catagories" but it is also PERFECT for my harmony! :)

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