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Dani D.

Namaste, Natasha. I am a returning beginner (meaning I was a beginner when I started & stopped four years ago) to my yoga practice as of 6 or 7 days ago.

I am very stiff & not as flexible but i attempt to do some poses (mostly twists & backbends) despite the fact they're uncomfortable. How do I avoid forcing my body into poses that my mind thinks I can do but my body doesn't? Also, what are some ways to tell when you're pushing your body too far before injuring yourself?


HI, i'm a 36 year male who started doing daily yoga a month ago in order to keep my weight at check (I recently lost a lot of weight but it started to increase again).

The problem I'm having is I' cant seem to make the single foot step forward from down dog to e,g a lounch pose without having to use a hand to get my feet the last 40 cm or so forward.

I find this very distracting from the routine and after doing this almost daily for weeks I don't see any improvement in this area while I'm getting noticeable looser/flexible in other areas.,

Are there certain specific poses or techniques to improve this?

Thanks (ps I'm non English so excuse my spelling etc)

Teresa V.B.

Hello Natasha: My friend and I have practiced yoga for 8 years, 3 days a week at 5AM on her back porch year-round. We live along the eastern coast in the central Florida region. Sometimes in the winter the temperature at 5AM can get down to freezing but usually the coldest mornings are in the mid-40's. Is it unhealthy for us to practice yoga in the cold weather despite layering our clothing to help keep out much of the cold?

Deep Dey

Hello Mam,

I cannot figure out the meaning of Lengthening/ tucking your tailbone. What does it mean actuallly???

Last year i had undergone minor surgery on L4 and L5 region after suffering from prolapsed invertebral disc.

What should i avoid while doing yoga asanas

John D.

Hi Natasha,
I recently had a successful big toe joint fusion procedure as years of running with the pronation of very flat feet had worn down the cartilage to a point where it was bone-on-bone. The new structure makes a lunge position impossible for that foot. For those asanas involving lunges, is it safe to spin my heel down and put my rear foot in a warrior position, provided I'm properly grounding the big toe mound, etc?
Thank you!


I underwent back surgery 12 weeks ago. Replacements were made in L4 & L5 with rods either side. I would be grateful for your suggestions on what poses I may do to get back into yoga.


I am a brand new student, and I just broke my ankle. I will wear a cast/boot for 6 weeks. What beginner's poses can I do with an injured foot?

laura mancuso

How is the best way to cue a class when you have not had the routine memorized...please help...


Hi. Simple question. I am new to yoga and hear about how important it is to have the right awareness while building and maintaining an asana. where should my awareness be? on the breath? on the sensations that I feel? On the part of the body that is being stretched and feel the stretch? On the breath?

Many thanks,




please advice me re: yoga induced pain. I have been having shoulder pain from doing the plank or chataranga - i am not sure if i should stop all together, or just do it gently.

many thanks

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