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I am very surprised that you have not mentioned the Korunta Yoga, the ancient and classical source of all Yoga. I have a friend who is one of only 35 who teach it in the world today. She is writing a book on the practice.


yoga is very good for my health

Orbis Ignis

Readers left some good additional info, but I think the author did a good job of giving an *overview* (not an exhaustive list) of most popular yoga styles. It was helpful to me.


If we are talking about Yoga just on the basis of who started it and where it is located, what is done....Then you have missed a very important school. Bihar School of Yoga. If one doesn't know about this school, then entire Yoga practice is useless. Books published by the school have proven several remedies for human sufferings.
I wish the writer was more educated in the different types of Yoga!!!
Well there is just one Hatha Yoga, rest all are a spin and marketing gimmicks for material gains.

N K Srinivasan

Excellent article explaining the different styles and flavors of yoga by various masters and yoga gurus in the west.
Back in India, it is just called Hatha Yoga and most people practice 10 or 12 poses only, as I did as a high school boy. There we give importance to bow pose [Dhanurasana],shoulder stand [sarvangasana] and head stand [sirasasana]. The last two were called "Queen" and "king" poses...essential ones. Friends will ask "Hey! Have you done your headstand today"...Yogis would practise Virata Karani for an hour or two, to control their sexual impulses.....All these have changed a lot in modern "brands" of yoga-- Srinivasan Iyengar


You've left out some options: Yin Yoga for example, Phoenix Rising therapeutic technique, etc.

Peggy Berg

Mr. Iyengar is not 80, but 93.


@ Chandresh:

So what should Sri K. Pattabhi Jois have named the Ashtanga Yoga system then? The Jois Method?

And by naming it Ashtanga Yoga, he's not crediting himself; rather, I think he's trying to draw focus to the 8-limbed path, but using the asanas as a starting point. Furthermore, by naming it the Ashtanga Yoga method and not the Jois Method (as many 'guru's do), he's giving credit to the entire lineage of gurus who came before him.

Maybe it's all a matter of perspective.

Easwaran R

I could not agree more with Chandresh. Ashta-anga means eight limbs -these being yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyhar, dharan, dhyan & Samadhi. Asana is only one of the eight limbs enumerated by Patanjali. Indeed in his classical treatise "Yoga Sutras", Patanjali dismisses Asanas with a brief "Sthiram Sukham Asanam" meaning Asana is a comfortable and Steady posture. So much for all those body contortions !

Mark LaPorta Roseland FL

Problem with such a list is that it loses comprehensive significance and begins to sound like marketing chatter.
A new reader might perhaps have been better served by giving an explanation of the elements of yoga and then "what questions to ask".

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