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adan lerma

nice rundown of so many types of yoga

encourages me in my belief that yoga, like most of humanity's attempts at figuring where we fit in, is organic, and will continue to evolve to answer our needs

Yoga Momma

The description of Kripalu Yoga hardly covers the breadth and depth of the meaning of Kripalu Yoga. It is the school of Yoga that more than any of the others encourages people to love who they are and where they are without judgement or expectation..Kripalu Yoga is constantly evolving but what never changes is the approach of loving kindness and compassion.

Rajendar Menen

Yes, many types of yogas. But without dedication and everyday practice its utility to help the body, mind and soul is diminished.


I took the test a few times, I kept getting weird answers ... but most of the time I scored "Integral" ... it comes as not really such a surprise. I need a practice that is
challenging spiritually, but that conforms to my body limitations and my energy levels, NOT the other way around (been there, done that)
eclectic, as is my home practice
I take to the pace, mindfulness and challenge of something like Cyndi Lee's OM style of yoga (on DVD)
Need studio practice that in its cost and approach, transcends much of the hype around since early '90s

Just found another studio in a kind of community center that bears most of this out.


This test is a helpful guide for beginners. Accuracy is up for chance as choices and styles vary. It shouldn't be taken so seriously or literally, as any yogi should have been able to guess. Be cautious of the impact your critique may have on a beginner, they may trust a bit TOO much in your word. This is for educational purposes, if one plans to take action they should know an ample amount about each style and choose what works best by individual experience.


this is a nice thoughtful write up. please continue


I find Integral yoga extremely fascinating (which I scored as) but I actually practice and enjoy highly spiritually infused slow flow vinyasa ... maybe this tests ability to teach it, perhaps?


Really interesting to read about all the different styles. Shame so many of them are only available in the US or in London here in the UK :(


Test is not accurate. i am Sivananda certified, ashtanga trained, multistyle certified, and studying Anusara and teaching hatha yoga. Your test says I am Jivamukti.

As a yogi, my goal is to become independent of all these styles of yoga and just be myself. That will make me happy.


This was very helpful. Thank you.

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