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Sean H

This is just the Basics?! The site is quite extensive, I am pleased.

Robin Feinberg

I have a couple of corrections to Ms. Cook's article on styles of yoga, the section on Asthanga yoga. First, Sr. K. Pattabhi Jois no longer "lives" in Mysore, India, since he passed away in May. However, it is true that his tradition of teaching Ashtanga yoga is being carried on by members of his family and teachers who have trained in the traditional Mysore style of Ashtanga.
Second, her statement that there is "no time for adjustments" is false. Even in a fully-lead, "non-stop" class, the instructor will walk around and provide adjustments as he/she sees needed, while continuing to count the cues for breaths. At least this is the way I teach, and the way classes I take are lead. In a Mysore class, where each student does his/her own practice independently, it is the PURPOSE of the instructor to walk around the room and provide adjustments and assists.
Thank you for noting these points.


I have been taking Yoga with a guy who teaches mainly Ashtanga style Yoga. Lately, he has been teaching a Brazilian style of yoga that seems to use rolling around on the floor in Pigeon Pose. Supposed to help with Brazilian Ju Jitsu and opening the hips.


Being relatively new to yoga (1 year) I am still learning about all the different styles, where they overlap and where they differ. So while I thought this list was very informative, I was extremely disappointed to see that Forrest Yoga was not on the list. Of all the classes I take, Forrest is by far my favorite... delving deep into breath-work and intense holding of poses. Ana Forrest herself is worth mentioning, for her story and her cultivation of this style.


Where is Forrest Yoga on this list?


Yes, please do your homework more thoroughly.
T.K.V. Desikachar is no longer associated with the term viniyoga, ever since it has been appropriated by certain americans that have nothing to do with his teachings. If you go to the website of his center, Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, you will notice that the word viniyoga does not appear anywere.


No time for adjustments in Ashtanga Yoga? Hands on adjustment is the essence of this teaching and learning style. For less informed readers' sakes, please do homework more thoroughly.


I've been practicing Bikram yoga for the past month and I've noticed, out of class, that my hands become numb occasionally, and my neck feels very stiff and sore. We practice many spinal extension poses in class and I wonder if there is a connection.


Hi, Thanks for this list. It is nice to see what is out there.

aroop banerjee

I am a 32 years old man with a height of 5 foot and 10 inches with medium built . I want to be physically very flexible and yet very strong.

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