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Came here looking for pointers on Bird of Paradise, not pigeon


This is a nice article (and I love pigeon!) but just wanted to point out that this article is titled "Bird of Paradise" which is an entirely different posture Svarga Dvidasana - a standing/balancing bind... there may be some confusion about that.

Rachel F.

torn labriums are easy to fix surgically. I walked out of the recovery room after mine, on crutches for about two days, and back working out in no time!


Pigeon is one of my favorites! Thanks for the detailed instruction.
Will you please elaborate on this statement? "So, short of tossing out your chair (which could lead to other physiological problems)"
What is meant by this? There's is a lot of talk about standing desk options at my workplace, and I'd like to know if that is what you're referring to.

Emilie D.Wolf

Alternatives to pigeon pose: Lying on your back, bring your left knee into your chest. Grab a hold of your left foot with your left hand and your left knee with your right hand. Essentially recreating the pigeon pose but with your back to the floor. Consciously bring your foot, shin and knee towards your chest feeling the stretch. If your are very flexible you can hold on to your wrists and cradle your lower leg in your arm.
Keep your hips, shoulders and right leg on the mat and breathe.
Repeat on the other side.

Eileen Cuff

What if y have a torn labrium ????? Should u do pigeon and what poses should u avoid. ???


alternatives to pigeon pose for those who have knee injuries and/or hip issues.


I really would like to read a description of Bird of Paradise, as I need help with this challenging (for me) pose.


The title of the article is not the title of the pose and this is on purpose. The point of the article is how to make pigeon pose effective and useful, as well as pleasureable.


Like your teacher, I would describe this as pigeon pose. Bird of paradise is as you describe it - either withthe leg bent, or straight - a quick google search of images shows we are not alone!

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