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  • Beginner's Expert: Natasha Rizopoulos

    Beginner's Expert and Ashtanga teacher Natasha Rizopoulos coaches students on all aspects of a beginning practice.
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  • Warrior Priorities

    When I try to keep the outer edge of my back foot anchored to the floor in Virabhadrasana I, it rolls that hip back. Should I prioritize squaring my hips or keeping the edge of my foot on the floor?
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  • The Purpose of Corpse Pose

    What is the purpose of Corpse Pose and the best way to approach it?
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  • Yoga Before or After Weight Loss?

    I am 48 years old, 80 pounds overweight, and new to this whole thing. I always wanted to begin yoga, but friends say I should forget it until I lose weight. Is this true? óRita
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  • Padmasana Preparation

    What preparation asanas do you recommend before attempting Padmasana (Lotus Pose)? I already can do Ardha Padmasana (Half Lotus Pose).
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  • Transition From Up Dog to Down Dog

    In your Yoga Step-by-Step series, Upward-Facing Dog is done with the toes extended and the feet pressing into the floor. I have a difficult time making a smooth transition from Up Dog to Downward-Facing Dog when I place my feet in this position. It is easier if I keep my feet flexed and my toes on the floor during Up Dog. Do you have any suggestions for making the "rolling over the toes" transition a smooth one? —Susan
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  • Morning Routine

    It is impossible for me to schedule in much yoga in the morning. What are a few poses that I can practice in a short time each morning and that can help energize my body and mind for the day?
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  • Determination vs. Intention

    How can I make sure I practice my asanas with determination?
    —Vic from Puerto Rico
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  • Asana by Appointment

    Are some poses better to do in the morning rather than in the afternoon? Child's Pose feels wonderful for me in the morning, but uncomfortable at the end of the day.
    —Raquel from Maryland
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  • Mindfulness of the Mouth

    How can I keep my jaw from tightening when I hold poses or do a vinyasa sequence such as Sun Salutation?
    —Ella from Rhode Island
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  • Chaturanga From Top to Toe

    Even though I've been practicing diligently, I just can't seem to get the hang of rolling over my toes in Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose). Any tips?
    —J.J. from Israel
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  • Too Much of a Good Thing?

    We did Sun Salutations in a yoga class Monday evening, and when I went home, I couldn't sleep until 3 a.m. Why was I so full of energy?
    —Maria from Switzerland
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  • Fashion for Function

    What should I wear to my first class? I am concerned about my large breasts and underwear showing.
    —Lisa from California
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  • Cross-Training Compatibility

    Are some forms of exercise more compatible with yoga than others?
    —Ana from Washington D.C.
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  • Pranayama Primer

    What is proper yoga breathing?
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