Insuring Individual Teachers

Why Liability Insurance

Yoga Journal has partnered with Fitness and Wellness Insurance to provide yoga teachers and facilities with access to affordable liability insurance. An affiliate of Philadelphia Insurance Companies, Fitness and Wellness Insurance has more than 15 years of specialized experience working to meet the insurance needs of yoga and fitness professionals. Fitness and Wellness Insurance subscribes to the belief that fitness is a key ingredient to wellness and a healthy life. Because we practice fitness in our lifestyle and have specialized in this growing industry, we understand how to provide broad form yoga instructor coverage across the United States.

10 Reasons to Choose Philadelphia Insurance Companies for Yoga Instructors

  1. General and Professional Liability
  2. Over 20 years of experience insuring Yoga Instructors and Yoga Studios
  3. Coverage available for the majority of Yoga styles and arts – including Bikram Yoga
  4. Coverage for contracted professionals included
  5. Coverage included for yoga instructors teaching at a yoga retreat
  6. Abuse and Molestation coverage included
  7. Coverage for special events available
  8. User friendly online application
  9. Customer service call center available to address all policy holder concerns
  10. Coverage available in all states