Yoga Teacher Training

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When looking for a yoga teacher training program, research carefully to find one that fits your personal goals as a yoga teacher or student.

Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training Program

Whether you are a seasoned teacher, or are looking to get certified, yoga teacher training programs are a resource for developing your teaching philosophy and expanding your knowledge of the practice.

But not all yoga teacher training programs are made equal; neither are they one-size-fits-all. There exists a wide variety of choices, and some may fit your needs more closely than others. You may prefer a yoga school that centers on the philosophy of one guru, or another that focuses on a certain style of performing poses. If you are a teacher looking for employment, consider what skills and styles are relevant to your local market. You may also want to seek out yoga instructor courses that focus on practical teaching skills, instead of just advanced poses.

When researching continued education classes and yoga teacher training programs, keep in mind the type of teacher you would like to be, and what goals you hope to achieve through training.

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Questions to Consider When Choosing a Program

Do you connect with the teacher(s) and respond to their philosophy and methods? Do they have long-term experience as a yoga teacher?

What are you looking for in a program? Is there a specific yoga style or a set of teaching methods that appeal most to you?

Does this program require a certain level of experience to apply? (If not, your class may contain students of varying levels of knowledge and skill.)

What is your budget for your training program? (Courses can range from around $1,500 to over $5,000.)

What level of time commitment will this program require?

Is the location within your reach?

What are your end goals for the program? (i.e. to learn more about the topic, to build career opportunities, etc.)

How to Find a Yoga Teacher Training Program

Use Yoga Journal’s Directory to find the yoga teacher training program or workshop that is just right for you. The Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Workshops Directory is a comprehensive resource for your search, with information on training programs and yoga schools all over the globe.

Search now to find the programs that best fit your needs: Yoga Journal Directory

Yoga Scholarships

When exploring the world of teacher training, you may run into concerns about how to fund your training. While most yoga teachers do not have thousands of dollars stored away to pay for their training, a lack of funds should never stop a passionate yogi from pursuing further education. Fortunately, there are resources available that offer yoga scholarships and grants for yoga teachers and students.

Many studios or schools offer yoga teachers financial help, through payment plans to their students, work-study opportunities, and sometimes full or partial scholarships.

Resources for finding yoga scholarships: – provides yoga scholarships and grants for Iyengar yoga teacher training

Feathered Pipe Foundation (Helena, Montana) – offers scholarships for yoga teacher training and yoga intensives

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

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