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  • Red Onions Stuffed with Mushrooms and Gruyère

    Roast Onions for Every Diet

    Onions are a seasoning standby, but they can also shine as a sweet main-course star when roasted. Try them roast with veggies, herbs, or protein-rich foods for a complete meal.

  • Mini Chocs

    Mini Chocs

    High in filling, healthy fats and low in carbs, these delicious treats hit the sweet spot.

  • Haitian heaven

    Haitian Heaven Soup

    This recipe is a vegan version of the soupe joumou that Haitians devour on New Year’s Day. Each aromatic spoonful delivers veggies to energize your body.

  • Sesame Soba

    Gluten-Free Sesame Soba

    Dress up your veggies and herbs with soba noodles that are made from buckwheat and supply more protein than other grains.

  • Whipped Yams with Coconut Cream

    Whipped Yams with Coconut Cream

    These whipped yams are cooked in warm, slightly oily coconut cream and they’re revered in Ayurveda for their calming effect on the gut.

  • Fennel-Roasted Brussels Sprouts

    Fennel-Roasted Brussels Sprouts

    This dish also features bitter Brussels sprouts that bring a light quality to a meal traditionally dominated by heavy, predominantly sweet dishes.

  • Tomato Date Chutney

    Tomato Date Chutney

    This chutney is sweetened by dates and heated by red chili, mustard seeds, and tomatoes—considered heating due to natural acids.

  • Figs

    3 Ways to Cook + Eat Figs

    We spoke with Marc Bauer, master chef at the International Culinary Center, in New York City, to help you find new ways to dig figs.

  • eating clean cookbook

    Q&A With Eating Clean Author Amie Valpone: “How Detoxing Saved My Life”

    Eating Clean Author Amie Valpone talks to about the detox diet that cured her chronic illness and how you can use what she learned to makeover your own health.

  • berries, natural sugars

    3 Sweet Alternatives to Lower Your Sugar Intake

    On average, we eat about 17 teaspoons of added 
sugar daily. So why not lower your sugar intake with these 3 natural alternatives.

  • Creamy Breakfast Chia Pudding

    Eating Clean: 5 Healthy + Natural Summer Recipes

    Clean up your summer diet with these 5 healthy, organic recipes adapted from Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body.

  • Nourish_281_04_bjk2-DAL

    Gujarati Dal

    The sweet-and-sour components of this dal reflect the importance of sweet notes in food from the region, while nuts add a comforting crunch.

  • Nourish_281_03_bjk2-DAL

    Punjabi Moong Dal Recip

    This is a common dal in North Indian Punjabi households.

  • Nourish_281_02_bjk-DAL

    Chana Dal Sundal Recipe

    Cookbook author Anupy Singla uses a split and skinned chickpea, called chana dal, for her kids as an afterschool treat to or on the way to soccer practice.

  • Magic Turmeric Broth From Soupelina’s Soup Cleanse: Plant-Based Soups and Broths to Heal Your Body, Calm Your Mind, and Transform Your Life by Elina Fuhrman.

    Why You Need a Soup Cleanse This Winter

    You’ve probably heard that souping is the new juicing. But in cold weather, a warm bowl of soup feels more like comfort food than a “cleanse.” And that’s exactly the point.