Poses for Your Hands

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  • Consciousness Seal

    Consciousness Seal

    This mudra connects us to our higher Self, helps lift dull energy, creates a more receptive state, calms the mind, and brightens the overall mood. It is often used in meditation, pranayama, and asana.

  • Eagle Seal

    Eagle Seal

    Garuda Mudra is named after the eagle that Vishnu—the lord of preservation—rides. It can help you cultivate the discipline you need to stick with your daily yoga practice when life gets busy.

  • Truth Seal

    Truth Seal

    Tattva Mudra reminds us that the true nature 
of the Self, or our fundamental essence, is transcendent, unchanging, pure, and whole.

  • Padma Mudra, sianna sherman, lotus mudra

    The Mudra You Need to Find Your Deep Soul Glow

    Master teacher Sianna Sherman takes us step by step through Padma Mudra.

  • Wheel of Dharma Mudra ( Dharmachakra Mudra)

    Wheel of Dharma Seal

    Representing a continuous flow of energy, use this mudra to calm and focus your mind and improve your attitude.

  • Upright Mudra

    Upright Seal

    Fire up your passion for a sacred life with Lingam Mudra.

  • Fearless Heart Close_up

    Fearless Heart Seal

    Use this mudra to find the courage to keep your heart open and loving, especially during those difficult times in your life when fear, hate, or anger pull you away

  • Work It: Finger & Forearm Stretch

    Typing can create tension in the forearms, wrists, and fingers. Try this simple pose for relief.

  • hands-free flow

    Hands-Free Flow

    Leslie Kaminoff designed this hands-free Warrior flow video for people with wrist, shoulder, and neck pain.

  • Image Large 5814

    Shoulder-Pressing Pose

    This arm balance relies more on precise positioning than on strength, making it more accessible for students beginning an arm balancing practice.

  • Peacock Yoga Pose

    Peacock Pose

    Peacock Pose, symbolizing big things—immortality and love—according to Hindu lore about the Peacock.

  • eight angle pose

    Eight-Angle Pose

    Fire up your abs for this difficult asymmetrical arm balance, Eight-Angle Pose.

  • WB_205_04B

    Wrist Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Heal your carpal tunnel syndrome for good with this innovative yogic approach.

  • pose to the king sage II woman doing beach yoga

    Pose Dedicated to the Sage Koundinya II

    Pose Dedicated to the Sage Koundinya II tones the belly and spine, strengthens the arms and wrists, and gives your self-confidence a big boost.

  • side crow parsva bakasana

    Side Crane (Crow) Pose

    The key to Parsva Bakasana is twisting enough to place the outer edge of one upper arm far around the outside of the opposite thigh.