Poses by Type

Asanas by type, from arm balances to backbendsinversionstwists + more. Plus, sequences and step-by-step pose instructions to enhance your practice.


    Recently Added in Types of Poses

  • satya-pose-coral-brown

    Kali Mudra

    Come into Kali Mudra, named after the fierce goddess Durga.

  • Dana Trixie Flynn in Vajrapradama Mudra

    Unshakeable Trust Seal

    This mudra represents unshakeable self-confidence, inner strength, and faith in something greater.

  • Amy Ippoliti performs Revolved Half Moon Pose.

    5 Shoulder-Opening Binds to Ground & Cleanse the Body

    Binds are a wonderful way to open the shoulders, create a safe, stable haven in a pose, and build prana in the body. Within these 5 binds, you’ll find some of the most elegant, graceful shapes that ask you to rise to the occasion.

  • Kathryn Budig 1 Pose 4 Ways

    A Hero (Pose) for Every Home Practice

    The intensity of Virasana can feel as daunting as the hero’s journey in your favorite adventure story. Choose the variation on the pose, ranging from gentle to fiery, to fit the narrative of your personal story on the mat today.

  • Sarah Platt-finger

    Deepak Chopra’s Yoga Sequence to Reach Higher Consciousness

    Connect to higher consciousness and reach your full potential with this heart- and mind-opening asana and pranayama practice.

  • Bound Angle Pose

    A Home Practice for Happy, Open Hips

    Maintaining flexibility and stability in the hip joints is crucial for lower-back health and cultivating overall freedom and ease in our bodies.

  • Side Crane Pose

    Challenge Pose: Side Crane (Parsva Bakasana)

    Soar like a bird as you move step by step with Tias Little 
into Parsva Bakasana.

  • Revolved Side Angle Pose

    3 Prep Poses for Side Crane Pose

    Warm up your legs and spine in these prep poses from Tias Little for Parsva Bakasana.

  • Revolved Abdomen Pose, bolster

    3 Ways to Modify Revolved Abdomen Pose

    Tias Little offers 3 ways to modify Jathara Parivartanasana if needed 
to find safe alignment in your body.

  • Revolved Abdomen Pose, shoulder off the ground

    Master Revolved Abdomen Pose

    Learn how to create elasticity and strength in Revolved Abdomen Pose in preparation for Parsva Bakasana.

  • Sofiah Thom Mudra

    5 Self-Awakening and Empowering Mudras and Mantras

    Yoga teacher Sofiah Thom guides a series of five awakening and empowering mudras and mantras. Practice these mudra mantras anytime you need to ground, re-center, and reconnect to your highest Self.

  • chin mudra sianna sherman

    The Mudra You Need to Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom

    Often used in meditation, pranayama, and asana, this mudra helps lift dull energy, creates a more receptive state, calms the mind, and brightens the overall mood.

  • Consciousness Seal

    Consciousness Seal

    This mudra connects us to our higher Self, helps lift dull energy, creates a more receptive state, calms the mind, and brightens the overall mood. It is often used in meditation, pranayama, and asana.

  • Eagle Seal

    Eagle Seal

    Garuda Mudra is named after the eagle that Vishnu—the lord of preservation—rides. It can help you cultivate the discipline you need to stick with your daily yoga practice when life gets busy.

  • Truth Seal

    Truth Seal

    Tattva Mudra reminds us that the true nature 
of the Self, or our fundamental essence, is transcendent, unchanging, pure, and whole.