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  • Core Strength Sans Crunch

    Jason Crandell’s quick-and-effective video sequence builds strength in the core of your body.

  • Being In the Balance

    This video sequence cultivates midline awareness by rooting down through your core in a variety balancing poses.

  • Deep Dive Into Your Hips

    In this video sequence, Jason Crandell teaches hip openers to create flexibility in the lower body.

  • Nadi Shodhana

    Watch + Learn: Nadi Shodhana

    The powerful pranayama technique of alternate nostril breathing will help bring your energy into balan

  • “The Love Guru” trailer now available

    If you read my post on March 10, you know that Hindu leaders have asked to preview the Mike Myers comedy “The Love Guru” (opening on June 20). Now you can watch the movie’s trailer on YouTube. And check out…

  • Don’t kill your TV yet

    Kate Potter’s popular show, “Namaste Yoga,” can now be seen in seven countries. “In all my years of teaching yoga, I never dreamed I would be reaching out to the numbers of people who are writing to me these days,”…

  • What’s “The Secret?”

    What do you think of The Secret? If you don’t know what The Secret is, it’s basically a self-help book […]

  • Now available from Netflix….

    Looking for something a little different, or, dare I say it, bizarre? Check out these three yoga DVDs, now available […]

  • Play yoga game online and win

    At you can not only buy backpacks, yoga bags, accessories and apparel (and a percentage of proceeds go to […]

  • “Survivor” alum releases yoga dvd

    Many viewers of the reality series “Survivor: Exile Island” became fascinated with Aras Baskauskas and his apparent love of yoga. Aras junkies are in luck: on November 30, his 90-minute yoga DVD, “Yoga for Health and Wellness,” will be released….