Yoga for Headaches

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  • headache

    An Ayurvedic Guide to Treating and Preventing Headaches

    Suffering from an pounding head? Learn how to diagnose, treat, and prevent headaches the Ayurvedic way.

  • Standing Forward Bend Yoga Pose

    Standing Forward Bend

    Jason Crandell narrates this video demonstrating the basics of Uttansana (Standing Forward Bend).

  • woman with headache stretching yoga relaxing

    Pop These Poses for a Headache

    Relieve a tension headache with this yoga sequence designed for focused relaxation.

  • revolved head of knee pose

    Revolved Head-to-Knee Pose

    This twisting variation of Janu Sirsasana takes the classic forward bend to the next level of release.

  • fire log pose

    Fire Log Pose

    The Fire Log Pose stretches the outer hips intensely, particularly the piriformis, which is often the main culprit of sciatic pain.

  • Extended Puppy Pose_450x450

    Extended Puppy Pose

    A cross between Child’s Pose and Downward Facing Dog, Extended Puppy Pose lengthens the spine and calms the mind.

  • big toe pose

    Big Toe Pose

    This pose gently lengthens and strengthens even stubbornly tight hamstrings.

  • Dolphin Pose

    Dolphin Pose

    Dolphin pose strengthens the core, arms, and legs, while also nicely opening the shoulders.

  • reclining hero pose

    Reclining Hero Pose

    Lay Virasana back and to take the stretch in the thighs and ankles up a notch.

  • Restorative Dec 14 Viparita Karani Legs up the Wall Pose

    Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

    There’s a general consensus among modern yogis that Viparita Karani or Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose may have the power to cure whatever ails you.

  • wide-legged standing forward bend

    Wide-Legged Forward Bend

    Open wide into Prasarita Padottanasana I to increase flexibility by leaps and bounds.

  • Downward facing dog pose_450x450

    Downward-Facing Dog

    Deservedly one of yoga’s most widely recognized yoga poses, Adho Mukha Svanasana, offer the ultimate all-over, rejuvenating stretch.

  • Corpse Yoga Pose

    Corpse Pose

    Savasana is a pose of total relaxation—making it one of the most challenging.

  • plow pose halasana

    Plow Pose

    Plow Pose reduces backache and can help you get to sleep.

  • seated forward bend

    Seated Forward Bend

    Fold into Paschimottanasana to help a distracted mind—and your hamstrings—unwind.