Yoga for Neck Pain

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  • woman teaching yoga pose video eagle pose arms

    Work It: Eagle Arms

    Eagle Arms improves upper-back posture and dissolves tension at the base of your neck and shoulders.

  • hands-free flow

    Hands-Free Flow

    Leslie Kaminoff designed this hands-free Warrior flow video for people with wrist, shoulder, and neck pain.

  • Extended Triangle Pose

    Jason Crandell narrates this video demonstrating the basics of Extended Triangle Pose.

  • Story Image 17157

    Don’t Be a Slouch

    Stave off back and neck pain with better posture.

  • mala-300x204

    Yoga for Pain Relief: A Q&A with Kelly McGonigal, PhD

    Kelly McGonigal, PhD, a yoga teacher and health psychologist at Stanford University, shares tips for dealing with chronic pain through yoga and meditation.

  • D05_90

    Crick Fixes: Asana Sequence for Neck Pain

    Learn to relax and overcome neck tension with this specialized sequence.

  • Extended Puppy Pose_450x450

    Extended Puppy Pose

    A cross between Child’s Pose and Downward Facing Dog, Extended Puppy Pose lengthens the spine and calms the mind.

  • cat pose

    Cat Pose

    This pose provides a gentle massage to the spine and belly organs.

  • Cow Pose

    Cow Pose

    Cow Pose is an easy, gentle way to warm up the spine.

  • Supported Sukhasana

    Meditation for Body Aches and Pains

    If you think there’s no way to get your mind off of discomfort in your body, try this practice to shift how you experience it.

  • Extended Triangle Pose

    Extended Triangle Pose

    Extended Triangle Pose is the quintessential standing pose in many styles of yoga.

  • Bharadvaja's Twist

    Bharadvaja’s Twist

    This gentle twist is a tonic for the spine and the abdominal organs.

  • Corpse Yoga Pose

    Corpse Pose

    Savasana is a pose of total relaxation—making it one of the most challenging.

  • Tias Little Child's Pose Variation_450x450

    Child’s Pose

    Take a break. Balasana is a restful pose that can be sequenced between more challenging asanas.