October 06, 2012

Amazing Grace

Traditional Western exercise regimes tend to compartmentalize the body—either you do cardio or work your arms, legs, back, abs, etc. But every movement you make engages an intricate array of muscles. Think about it—you are capable of balancing the weight of your torso on two long supports, while smoothly transferring this weight from one support to the other, and all while maintaining a constant rate of motion and perfect balance. This simple motion requires the perfect coordination of hundreds of muscles large and small across your entire body. And that's just walking!

The human body has over 600 muscles, many which are too small, or too deep inside the body, for us to see. Hundreds of tiny muscles across the body work constantly to maintain our balance, stability, and precision of movement—all vital qualities for a healthy yoga practice.

Take a moment today to appreciate the amazing feats of coordination your body accomplishes in even the simplest of acts, such as walking, sitting up, or holding Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I).


Core Curriculum


Plumb Perfect


Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I)


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