November 16, 2012

Prepare for Hanumanasana

One of the most dynamic yoga poses is the full split, or Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose). It's also one of those poses that elicits wonder, and sometimes even fear, in the minds of beginners.

But Hanamanasana isn't as out-of-reach as it may seem.

There are three major openings necessary for Hanumanasana, and the three preparatory poses that follow are geared specifically toward these particular openings. Supta Padangusthasana (Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose) opens up the hamstrings of the front leg. Eka Pada Supta Virasana (One-Legged Reclining Hero Pose) opens the hip flexors of the back leg. The Lunge provides an opportunity to lift the pelvic root toward your heart center.


Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose)

Supta Padangusthansana (Reclining Hand-to-Big Toe Pose)

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