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205 Harrison Street, 2nd Floor
Frenchtown, New Jersey 08825
United States

Sri Lakshmi Devi

(908) 996-9642

Supatha Yoga

205 Harrison Street, 2nd Floor
Frenchtown, New Jersey 08825
United States

Sri Lakshmi Devi
(908) 996-9642


Core Strengthening, Hatha, Integral, Integrative Yoga Therapy, Iyengar, Partner Yoga, Power, Prenatal/Postnatal, Restorative, Viniyoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Yoga For Children, Yoga for Teens


Ayurveda, Chakras, Kirtan/Music, Mantra, Meditation, Mudra, Private / Individual, Retreats, Sanskrit, Satsang, Seniors, Therapeutic, Workshops, Yoga Philosophy

"Stretch your Mind | Balance your Life | Reach your Potential"

The Supatha Yoga Method is uniquely inspired by Sri Lakshmi Devi's many years of comprehensive study of Anatomy and Physiology along with her broad training in Yoga Sciences as well as her extensive background and education in the Health and Fitness Industry.

Sri Devi describes her approach to yoga and Supatha 1/4 series Flow as "well rounded with a noteworthy touch of edginess to keep it grounded in reality." Her personal history through the path of Health and Healing evokes in Lakshmi the ability to encourage her students, to hold them to their commitments and to themselves with compassion; not judgment and an open heart.

Lakshmi expresses "I want to provide a joyful, nurturing, non-competitive space for students to embrace their practice, embrace themselves, grow, stretch and gain vitality...maybe laugh a little along the way. I'm here to teach, to share, to assist in their healing process.  I strive to help actualize in my students their own process and paths to themselves.

Lakshmi greatest joy is working with children and adolescents; and feels that - One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is the freedom to find their own sense of self¯... Her Just for Kidz, Story-time Yoga¯, Yoga Warrior¯ & Teen Empowerment classes were originally developed as an After School Program for Children¯ who suffer from symptoms of ADD/ADHD, addictive behavior & the stressors of Peer Pressure.

Stretch Your Mind

Lakshmi's dedication to her practice manifests in over 8000-hrs of study with 40+ years of practice including 27 years of teaching and hands on experience in the field of Yoga, Health & Fitness.

A Senior Member of the International Yoga Association, Registered and Certified 200 and 500 hr. Yoga Therapist with Yoga Alliance. Lakshmi has be awarded numerous certifications in Exercise Physiology as well as certifications in Functional Anatomy of Movement from Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Both in traumatic injury and debilitative illness.

Formally INTEGRAL Yoga trained and certified under the skillful guidance of Sri Swami Satchidananda founder. An esteemed Spiritual Leader honored with the Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award; Dedicated his life to the cause of Peace, both Individual and Universal, and to religious harmony among all People. In 1991 Lakshmi embarked on her lifelong path of loving kindness with his Holiness the fourteenth Dali Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, with in-depth studies on Depression and Human Behavior.

A practicing Ordained Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master & Spiritual Coach, with foundational Eastern training in various methodologies of Yoga, including Sivananda, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Anusara and Viniyoga

Well versed in human behavior and applied psychology, Lakshmi is aspiring towards earning her Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology and Doctorate in Philosophy.

Balance Your Life

I've been doing yoga on my own since I was a child. It just came naturally to me. Smiles Lakshmi

After a debilitating accident in her youth which required extensive surgeries, Lakshmi suffered with constant back & neck pain, Hip, shoulder and knee injuries as well as debilitating migraines and severe depression.

Taking this traumatic experience & transcending it through applied discipline, mindful awareness, focused intention and above all compassion for oneself is at the heart of Supatha yoga.

Enveloped within Lakshmi's approach to yoga & life lies the mantra, "As we think, so shall we become. Health, healing and personal development start to happen when we change our thought patterns to reflect our best aspirations,"  offers Lakshmi.

My only way back to health and clarity was actualized through my personal Reiki, Yoga and Mindful meditation practices. It was when I turned to these methods that I felt healing was possible, necessary and where I needed to place my intention to heal.

I am grateful and humbled by all my teachers, they have guided me in finding deep within...the strength, the wisdom and the courage to journey through my limitations with grace and a joyful heart and to never use the word impossible...

Reach Your Potential

Whether you are new to Yoga or looking to improve your skills to a higher level, The practice of Supatha YOGA can assist you in building a " Body that is Healthy, Strong & Subtle; a Mind that is Sharp, Peaceful & Content and a Spirit that is Joyful, Relaxed & Inspired." Sri Gurudev...based on the Integral Yoga Tradition.

SUPATHA'S unique sequencing enriches you with Strength, Confidence and the Courage to let go of expectation. Begin to Honor Your Body¯ where it is right HERE-right NOW, in the present moment without judgment.

Over the course of training in Supatha you will gain the internal tools needed to fully understand YOUR Specific Anatomy of Movement. Experientially gaining a better sense of self. Developing a renewed awareness, feeling stronger, lighter, more in touch with the subtle messages we continually receive; and being present enough to recognize them...

Grow to be Empowered... Mind | Body | Spirit

Find out how Sri Lakshmi Devi and the Supatha Yoga Method can help you get fit, stay healthy and approach life in positive more accepting way.

"Stretch your mind, balance your life, reach your potential."

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