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Thanks so much for these two wonderful articles. Many aspects of it really affirmed what I'd recognized about how I developed a right-sided SI injury, how the injury can manifest, and what makes it better and worse. Like Jennifer, I've had learning experiences (of the "move on" variety) with various yoga teachers and healthcare professionals, but fortunately i've been discovering those can really help and moreover how to help myself.

I recommend the DVD "Viniyoga Therapy for the Low Back, Sacrum, & Hips with Gary Kraftsow." His program features a set of exercises consistent with the principles Roger Cole outlines here, plus it has been "demonstrated to be effective for back pain in a National Institutes of Health-sponsored clinical study."


Why dont they put some pictures to show how its done,it would so much easier.And not only that,someone can hurt themselves if they dont know what they´re doing.


wow - this has been very helpful as I have a disc issue in my lower back and also SI issues. unfortunately every time I attempt to do sun salutations I start having the same problems. I am so upset that I can no longer seem to do yoga because of this.


This article helped me solve the mystery of my hip pain, which various yoga teachers and health care professionals (including an orthopedic surgeon) old me was degenerating disks, arthritis, piriformas syndrome - everyone had a different opinion. I ,too, have been experimenting with different poses to realign my SI joint and found Pete's suggestion of Upward Facing Dog variation for 30+ seconds to be very helpful. Thanks, Pete!

L.T - Yoga Norfolk

I love reading these articels.. more please!! They are so helpful and informative and I can never find another site so detailed as this one for teaching!!


The best way I found was to completely avoid forward bends ( modified Surya Ns as well). I got this tip from Swami Ramdev. I do all the other movements including limited twists

I have mild lower back pain, which I believe now maybe of SI joint origins. Completely stopping practice for a couple days relieves it, but then returns after the next session of forward bends if attempted.


After my chiropractor put my SI joint back in place -- it came out during the seated sequence in Ashtanga's Primary Series -- I have followed Roger Cole's advice on caring for the SI joint. His two articles (Practice Tips for the SI, and Protect the SI) are the best I've read on the subject, and accurately describe my condition. My SI joint still comes out from time-to-time, though not as far, and it’s relatively easy to realign it. After a little experimentation, I found that a soft, gentle version of Upward Dog (with knees on the floor), held for 30 seconds, was the best pose to put my SI joint back in place.


Wonderful article. I have SIJoint Dysfunction (along with a L5-S1 bulging disc) and I have to be extremely careful. I reinjured myself by staying too long in the sinple lotus position. Your advice in these postions have helped me tremendously. I just wish I could find someone in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area that taught classes with those of us with SI problems....
Thanks again.

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