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Does Music Belong in Your Class?

Consider the pros and cons of using music to complement your teaching.

By Dan Charnas

The Music-Adventurous

Years ago, Rusty Wells, a Bay Area-based Bhakti yoga teacher, wouldn't play music with English lyrics in his classes.

"I was afraid people would sing along, lose the breath, and get out of the moment," he explains. Instead, he opted for the sacred music of Krishna Das and Bhagavan Das. But when those artists became popular and his students sang along anyway, Rusty saw it as a sign to "let it be what it is."

"Now," he says, "I tap into music, whether it's Beck or Black Eyed Peas or Krishna Das again."

Isn't Wells worried that Western pop music is less holy or wholesome than chant music? "It depends on how the teacher places it," Wells responds.

Music is at the epicenter of Wells' signature class, Bhakti Urban Flow. "The urban part is key," Wells says. "It demonstrates a city vibe, what's it like to live in a city: intense, frenetic. I bring music to match that pace, to stay ahead of it. The class comes to a crescendo that brings us face to face with who we are."

Wells bristles at the notion of an authority judging some pieces of music as "spiritual" or "sacred," and others as profane. "It pisses me off a bit," Wells says. "It's so personal."

Wells carefully devises daily play lists for his lessons. "It is my lesson planning," he says.

When he hasn't planned ahead, Wells has seen the pitfalls of music in class. He recalls the time he played a CD handed to him moments earlier by a well-meaning student. "I couldn't trip across the room fast enough to yank it out," Wells says. "It was just wrong. It was the sweetest song you ever heard, but I got sugar poisoning."

Tips for the Musical Teacher

With so many diverging opinions about the use of music in yoga class, it's good to have guiding lights and wise words. Surprisingly, even teachers who make different choices about music are in general agreement on some basic principles:

What's My Motivation? Why you play a piece of music in class is just as, if not more, important than what you play. Says Erb: "If music feels like it's supporting and coming from the teaching of the sutras, then we should have a playful experience in our practice. But if it's an indulgence, or [a way of] seeking diversion [or] entertainment, then that may be coming from the ego needing to prop itself up."

Are You Experienced? Doing something unconventional in a yoga class is not unheard of. But the right to break the rules is earned through years of experience and an intuition honed over hundreds of classes. Gurushabd Singh Khalsa—Gurmukh's husband and partner in their Los Angeles studio, Golden Bridge, and an expert in the science of Naad, or sound current-acknowledges that Gurmukh doesn't always follow the guidelines set out by the late Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga. "After he started teacher training, his take was, 'I can't give teachers license to do anything they want, because they do not have the proper discrimination yet,'" Gurushabd explains. "That does not apply to someone like Gurmukh, who's been practicing these teachings for 35 years and absolutely manipulates the music to raise the consciousness in her class. So how do you apply this ruling? It's very difficult." Experience is the key.

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Reader Comments


NO music in Yoga classes. U should listen inside you rather than to some kind of pseudo-esoteric sound. In this, i follow the tradition and it has been proved as being the right way....


I really enjoy our monthly live drumming sessions (sometimes accented with a dash of pan flute) - the energy that connects those practicing with the drummer is amazing. I also like when MC Yogi is played, nature sounds and even special mix tapes of pop music (usually some theme, like songs about peace or love - groovy!).

ron ahola

where can I find a "beginners" dvd that has NO MUSIC BACKGROUND?



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