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I wouldn't be where I am now if there weren't for anti -depresants. Yoga is wonderful and I practice it as well but I wouldn't come out of my severe state without medication. Now I'm happy and I' m gradually reducing medicine so I believe I can live without it after some time. Just with yoga and other activities then:-)


Thank you!

Ismaila Singley

Thank you for being balanced and not talking down to those of us who use psychiatric medications. Without mine, I know that I would be dead. Natural is often best, but sometimes you need man made. Yoga is about doing what is right for you, not someone else. It took me 31 years to learn this. Hey kids, if you see this, learn the easy way at a younger age, not the hard way at an older age like I did. You are a precious, and you are loved by Jesus. Know this.


Thanks so much for this article. I have been in an anxious depression for a year and a half now, and today began a gentle yoga practice at home. I am excited about this option, and will probably begin a class in the next couple of weeks. One thing I have learned about depression is not to pressure myself. Thanks also for your balanced approach about anti-depressants. The last thing someone like me needs is disapproval regarding any option for treatment of this serious and potentially life-threatening disease.


I have been practicing Ashtanga yoga for a few months now and my depression feels like it is going into remission. I was getting horrible depression headaches for the last few years especially where it felt really physical. I usually have at least mild to major symptoms on and off throughout the week and for over a week now, I have had not one symptom of that. Not one. I have been on medication for most of my life and it has made things worse over time, I believe, so I had to really put myself into a yoga practice that required almost daily practice to start getting results. Thank you, Ashtanga Yoga sysmtem!


Good job Jackie! Thanks for sharing.


Is there a part 2?


ive had severe depression and ptsd for 2 years.its only been a year since i started yoga practice, yet the peace it brings to my mind is amazing.

It has helped me get in touch with my sadness, and understand myself, and also taught me to be kind to myself.

I still take antidepressants, yet believe there will be a day when my yoga practice will have healed my mind and body, and i can stop taking them. Throughout my illness, i regularly did aerobic exercise, but this never had sustained effects in the way yoga has

Mark LaPorta

Almost all resemblance of these articles to the yoga of Patanjali is primarily coincidence.


I think it is also important for people suffering with depression to know that behavioral therapy, good supports and yoga for life can make such a huge difference. Not everyone believes in the chemical imbalance theory, however popular it may be.

There are many other natural ways to deal effectively with depression without medicating. Food, proper sleep, yoga, sunlight/natural Vit. D, and other tools can be very beneficial.

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