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Thank you LS. I find it disturbing that so many asana instructors have such a limited understanding of yoga, and feel the need to “apologize” for what they attempt to teach. As for Bordenkircher… I am speechless…. Seriously: Yoga for Christians? How very embarrassing… Yoga for Muslims, Yoga for Jews, Yoga for atheists, Yoga for Republicans…. Ridiculous isn’t it? I fail to understand how a philosophy so deeply immersed in unity and equality has become so derisive and exclusionary. Instead of perverting the tradition of yoga and commercializing it to target populations, why not just teach aerobics or Pilates?


I like to experience the possibility of "there is something bigger than youself" that seems to be the classes that I'm most comfortable with. I was raised with know spiritual background and through yoga and reading yoga related books have come to believe that I am the conscious witness. So for teaching I think that any religion can relate to this concept.


Spirituality and religion are not the same thing. The practice of Yoga in itself awakens the spiritual nature of our being. This can be a gradual or faster awakening, depending on the individual. For a true and good teacher of Yoga, religion does not play a part. The spirit reveals itself to all, neverminding, the religious background of the student. Yoga has its own teachings, which parrallel the teachings of many religions. If you authentically teach Yoga and the teachings, religion should not matter. Yoga is a system of philosophy and students of Yoga study this system and apply to their own lives and the spirituality unfolds with time and in a way that supports the individual.


Ann was an instructor that I had the pleasure of practicing yoga with many years ago in Studio City. I have yet to find another instructor of her caliber.

Veena grover

Religion should not come in the way of yoga practice.Spirituality & religion are not the same.Adjustments during yoga teaching classes develop with time & experience.Teacher has to have inner confidence & adjust the student gently,if need be.Unfortunately, certain days students are not happy with themselves or unhappy with other reasons, they can get upset on the teacher for no reason & I have learn t situation,like this teacher should stay quiet & not answer any thing back & student will realize & apologize


Agreeing with DR, here. I have people who are Hindu, Muslim as well as Jewish in my classes, so I definitely need to be aware.

In addition I found the article's reference to "Yahweh" completely ignorant. Jews do not pray to "Yahweh". That is the Christian interpretation and pronunciation of a name which no one actually knows how to pronounce. Perhaps the author meant to discuss the beliefs of 7th Day Adventists, or Jehovah's Witnesses?

This article was meant well, but wound up being rather ethnocentric and rude.


Good article. Don't let the word Christian keep you from reading the whole thing.

They are writing about religious diversity. That is why they mention options for how to handle different situations. Being someone who teaches in religiously diverse classes, and wants to be respectful of other peoples belief systems, I appreciate input from others who feel the same.


This article is problematic: not everyone who has to work through spiritual issues in relation to yoga classes is Christian. People from every religion represented in the U.S. are practicing yoga these days, and I would think Yoga Journal articles would reflect that circumstance. At the very least, a Christian-centered article should be titled as such, since the relationship between Christianity and yoga is an important one for many people.

Please, show more intercultural awareness, YJ.


I have Father Joe Pereira, a senior Iyengar Yoga teacher coming to my studio, The Yoga Studio in Calgary, October 3 4 & 5for a meditation and a hatha yoga workshop. A man who has worked closely with Mother Teresa and BKS Iyengar will explain the lack of contradiction between yoga and Christianity. Fr Joe run the largest charity in India treating drug addicts in many locations. He uses yoga as one of the primary tools for treatment.
Rob Walker

Rhonda Jones

I am currently a PraiseMoves instructor, which is the Christian's Alternative to Yoga. Before becoming an instructor, I had sought out Christian Yoga Instructor Courses, but couldn't find any in my area. I am very thankful that PraiseMoves was developed because many Christians are not comfortable with Yoga, even Christian Yoga. At least now we have choices and I thank God for that. I also teach Christian Meditaton classes and produce over 23 Biblical meditaiton Cds. Many Christian don't think Christianity and meditation mix either, even though the Bible encourages us to meditate, day and night. I am glad to see so many more Christians embracing Biblical meditation as a way to a deeper relationship with the Lord. There are so many benefits to these spiritual disciplines.
Rhonda Jones,
Please visit my website at

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