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Erin Keely

I broke my wrist very badly a year ago, and I now have a plate screwed on to the bone. I have been having a lot of trouble going into any weight bearing poses on the wrist. I can now do downward dog, but not for long, and table pose is very painful. What exercises can I do to strengthen this wrist and be able to do handstands again?


I have Tenditious, from my job. Went through Physcail therapy, but still dont do poses that put pressure on my wrists


Are there any special stretches you recommend for the palm of the hand? My family has a history of Dupuytren's Syndrome. Basically, some of the connective tissues in the palms of the hands and feet contract and form sort of lumpy ropey things and it can be debilitating (eventually you can't open your hand all the way and your hands become claw-like). The doctors say you can avoid surgery if you stretch the hands.

Marti Lord

I am a yoga teacher who will be coming out of a cast on my right wrist/thumb this week. I had arthritic bone removed and the joint rebuilt with tissue from my forearm as cartelidge. Throughout all of this I have maintained both my personal practice and my teaching of yoga. I want to be sure not to injure the rebuilt joint, but am anxious to begin to regain strength as well. Any suggestions? I will see a physical therapist, but it is unlikely they will know anything about yoga.

Susan Duniphin

Nutrition should also be taken into account. Allergies that cause inflammation can cause aching joints, such as wheat, soy and dairy. Adding Magnesium, Potassium and Selenium supplements can help while eliminating all sodium (salt). Drink plenty of water and fresh vegetable juices. Super foods and omega oils are also great for the health of our joints and ligaments.


I have pain in my hands and i suspect my yoga practice actually caused the pain. Because when I stopped practicing yoga for several weeks (due to other reasons), the pain in my hands disappeared. So, i'm thinking the pressure & hand position (wrists & hands at right angles, flat palms) in down dog, up dog, chaturanga, & plank type poses was pinching the nerves in my wrists. Is this possible?

Richard Kowal, D.C.

Clearing out carpal tunnel syndrome almost always requires wearing 'spoon splints' while sleeping. These splints protect you from hand flexion while you're asleep and you should notice that you wake up with less symptoms after 4-5 days. But keep wearing them until all symptoms are gone. However, never wear these splints during yoga practice. Finally, you should wear wrist bands, lightly, during yoga practice to keep the radius and ulna from separating during palm down positions.

Regarding elbow tendonitis, if it is severe, there is no solution that will be as effective as having it injected. Most orthopedists and even internists can accomplish this. Then wait a full week before beginning practice again.
Richard Kowal, D.C.,

Martin Gray

I would suggest you try a simple, self-administer healing and strengthening program called HEALTHY HANDS. Developed by a long-time yoga practitioner, rolfer and juggler, the program consists of 1) an easy-to-do set of self-massage techniques for the hands, wrists and forearms; 2) a series of exercises to increase the flexibility and strength of the hands, wrists and forearms. The exercises and massage techniques are shown on a dvd, which may be ordered on the web site or this link:


Does external rotation of the arms (inside of elbows facing forward) in poses such as Cat and Down Dog aggravate wrist and elbow tendonitis?


As a yoga teacher, leaf raker, snow shoveler & X-country skier ... I need lots of forearm strength. Can a person have palms up & do hand curls with 2# weights? Many thanks, Dar

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