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wendy weymann

thanks for this article, I offered some classes this summer at my cottage and was concerned with what to charge, I didn't really want to do it for free but also didn't want to charge a lot so I taught the classes by donation. Not only did I make double or sometimes triple what I would make teaching at a studio it offered me a lot of freedom with my teaching style and I was able to bring my kids to the class which encouraged other families to come. One lady who was 66 came for her first ever yoga class! (i'm pretty sure she wouldn't have come if it was a formal class setting) namste!


I just finished yoga teacher training. I have several friends who have asked me when I am going to start teaching. Some assume I will teach "them" for free. A few have asked how much I charge. I was contemplating how to ask for money from my friends without over charging them. The donation box really strikes a chord with me. I hadn't even thought of the idea. Thank you.

Tracy McCalla

Thank you! In the corporate world, we also have to learn balance between earning promotions/raises and knowing our main focus is being of service to our clients and to those we serve within the organization. I have had to learn that the promotions and/or raises are more than just about money or prestige, it is a symbol of knowing what we do does matter within the corporate environment and that we are being recognized for our integrity and values. When we practice spiritual principles in our workplace (no matter where it is), we can bring healing and blessings to all we serve.

Donna Davidge Amrita

thanks Meghan, some of my friends say it is remarkable to even earn a living as a yoga teacher and I think your article brought up some really valid points and issues that people aren't always comfortable speaking about. Money is an emotional issue, as well as secretive for some, your article points out the realities of living our life yogically and also existing in a society based on money. Thank you!


I am a yoga teacher just starting out and I am in a retired state of life/ I still sell R/E so that helps. I teach from my home. It is important that as we age we keep moving ao the flexibility stays with us.I WILL REMEMBER NOT TO BE FOR FREE AND THANK YOU.

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