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The article is really good. The word marketing has become bad because of greed and intentions behind it. Though the word 'market' itself says 'Mark it' to leave a mark on anyone's mind. I think its good to market or spread the word when u do anything truthfully and for the benefit of others, then business will naturally follow.


The article is really nice. The word marketing has become bad bcoz of greed, and intentions behind it. While the word itself says "Mark it"
means to leave a mark on people's mind as long as its done truthfully and fr the benefit of others, then good business will naturally follow.


This article truly spoke to me. I am currently teaching with an average class size of 6. I found myself getting frustrated and decided instead of looking outward for marketing answers, I need to go inside myself instead. Be true to who I am. Let my spirit and creativity shine in everything I do and my business will grow. This article reinforces that decision. Thank you.


The reason why the women in this story had more people was not only because she was a good teacher but she probably was beautiful. The yoga world is full of beautiful people and students who want to be close to them. Charisma and sex does sell. Also, branding yoga with multiple tiered certifications only works in the city. Imagine living rurally and paying 20 gs to Baron Baptiste only to find out that no one cares who your teacher is. The fact is if your heart is pure you will receive abundance in whatever you choose.


No real mention of social and digital media? This article is less of a helpful how-to and more of a musing on marketing failings and successes of the past than giving people helpful tools for getting students in their class (as it was marketed in the Yoga Journal email I was sent that got me to this article).


I believe "Self-Study" is on of the five Niyamas not Yamas. :)


I don't find this article particularly helpful. Flyers and direct mail? Really? Is this 1980? Today, effective marketing is all about knowing who you are, what makes you different and unique and then taking your message to your potential clients (yes, those people that will find your teachings most appealing) in a way that not only reaches them, but resonates. And for goodness sake, get help! Marketing is not random or ad hoc. There are really great, tried and tested strategies and tactics that yoga teachers can use to build their classes, launch a yoga retreat platform or market their workshops. Consult with a marketing professional, build your brand authentically and sing your truth in a way that is efficient and effective.


morays mores? apparently a moray is a type of eel 8-)


"For others, there's no conflict between modern morays and yogic spirituality."
Perhaps you mean "mores".


Somehow I am deeply disturbed by any attempt to market spirituality of any sort.

In my opinion, we as human beings have an uncanny capacity to justify nearly any action we choose to pursue. The insiduous aspect of this comes into play when trying to justify our actions with altruistic purposes or religious motivations. The example given concerning teachers who studied under Birch is a clear cut example of this.

Who knows whether we will ever see the likes of true yoga in the West?

I have often said people either teach or come to yoga practice with a thousand motivations. Sadly spirituality is often NOT at the top of the list if it even makes the list at all.

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