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Sasha Finn


I do hope you can help me. My knees have started to click, crunch and lock. In the sitting poses I am scared to even try putting my legs into half lotus (or to fully bend the knee) because that is how I damaged one knee last year. I have been told the locking knee could be due to a torn cartillage. My knees do not hurt while practising but in the sitting poses I do not feel anything is happening as I am static and scared to bend the knee fully. ( Certainly attempting lotus or half lotus is now out of the question!) I have been told to see a physiotherapist which I am going to do as I want to know what is happening with my knees! I have been practising Ashtanga for 12 years ( I am 42) and never had knee issues; now I feel 'stuck' in the bent-knee sitting asanas as I am not progressing - I feel i'm moving backwards! What asanas are beneficial to knees like mine? And what modifications can I make?

Many thanks!


What asana would you recommend me for my knees? I was diagnosed with Patello-Femolar Syndrome.
Thanks very much

mary laidlaw

Thank you for directing to Patanjali 11:16 and has really helped me!


to DG: Yes, it is about a focused mind; asana is not only a tool in service to that, but also a tool that helps to GROW a focused mind. Since yoga is a PRACTICE, practitioners will be at all levels and perceiving clearly that one is not perceiving clearly is a rather advanced level of practice (in my mind at least). While I may believe I am focused - it may not be complete awareness of all (perceiving clearly the happenings in the body, mind and spirit); and then I must watch that it isn't simply my ego telling me I am focused... there are so many levels to consider! I think back to my earlier days of practice, and even while my teachers were telling me not to compete and I thought I was not competing... I know now that I was. I am now working to heal a shoulder injury. It was not until I began therapeutic yoga to unwind my injury and build strength again, that this competition truly became clear to me. We must be realistic about how yoga is taught in the West... many will not be exposed to the Sutras ever, some will become exposed only once they begin to seek out places that offer the deeper levels of yoga. Here there will be many that will only experience asana practice as their yoga, as such, there will be asana injury that can be described as "yoga" injury.

To annb_d: Learning more anatomy and how the body works (physiology), while not easy, will help you understand what must be done. Seeking out teachers that have good understanding of anatomy will also help you in your understanding. Personal experience is the best teacher; gently and MINDFULLY explore poses, intuit what is happening in the body during a pose, forget what the pictures look like and try to find a variation of the pose that feels sweet and steady (watch out for the ego!)


Nu - so now I know what NOT to do re injuries or chronic pain in rotator cuff muscles. But what do I DO?


there is no such thing as a yoga injury. yoga is not a fitness paradigm, it can be a healing paradigm. but it is ALL about a focused mind that perceives clearly. asana is a yogic tool that is in service to a focused mind. if you hurt yourself practicing yoga, you are not practicing yoga. fullstop.
heyam duhkham anagatam.... refer to the yoga sutras II:16 and avoid future suffering by practicing appropriately.

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