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This is very encouraging! I am 44, and after practicing yoga for about a year, have seriously considered becoming a teacher. I've worried that I would not master some poses, but now plan to go for it! Thanks.

Jim DeLapp

I became a Bikram teacher at the age of 58. I was a rugby player in my younger days and I've had 5 knee operations. There are some postures that I cannot do completely but I can still teach my students how to do them. My students think its great that an "Old Man" can teach them yoga and how to enjoy their practice.


I began Yoga at age 41, took the Teacher Training at age 45. Never have I once thought I was too old to learn or to teach. And truth be told, I am more flexible than I was at the age of 20! I could never touch my toes; I can now - go figure. I wonder what I'll be able to do at age 50 - Monkey pose, perhaps! :)-


After practicing yoga for about 13 years, I became a teacher at 47 and am THRILLED with what my body can do! Embrace and Enjoy! There are no linits but that which the mind imposes

I hope to be teaching well into my "old age"!

Christina Danielsen

Calm your mind ,listen to your heart and you will enjoy every single day of passing your knowledge to all the people out there . Guide them wisely by beeing yourself!
Love and light from a 48-years old

Val Orringe

I am a teacher who started teaching at 47 years of age and have been teaching for 9 years now. I first started practising yoga 5 years before that because of a back problem which at times was pretty severe. I now teach university students as well as a broad spectrum of ages. I have also felt that I may let my students down because I cannot demonstrate to them more advanced moves. However, I know how to teach them to progress in their own practice and understand that what I can do verbally with them is good enough without having to demonstrate. If they're not sure, there's usually a willing student who can do the pose who can show them. All that is required is to teach with care and confidence and remember that yoga isn't about what looks good but how it feels!


I began my yoga instructor training at 40, and began teaching at 42. I teach children and adults (30-60 years old) and find that most important is how I communicate how to modify asanas to fit every student's needs. I don't perform every asana, but I can coach a student into a more difficult version of a pose without being able to do it myself.


Wow - who said 45 is old? I went through yoga teacher training during the year I turned 44 and four years later, I'm still teaching and loving it. I think teaching will keep you flexible both in body and in mind. Go for it!


I took my yoga training at the age of 60 and had the same misgivings. Now, I am so rewarded by seeing people my own age trying that much more to realize their body/mind potential by seeing me.
There are poses I don't do but yoga is not about poses. What's more important is the message you impart by your example, by your attitude, by your ease.

jo bloggs

I recently qualified as a Dru Yoga teacher at the age of 51, & find that students appreciate the fact that I understand how to modify poses for various physical restrictions, and value the life experience that I bring to yoga. An ability to communicate the joy of yoga is far more important than being able to demonstrate an advanced pose. On a practical teaching note, I often use a class member to demonstrate a pose, talking them into and out of it. This ensures that I can talk through all the elements of the pose, to the benefit of the whole class. If you have a passion for yoga, use that passion to teach!

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