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What Sri Iyan Yasapriyana from Bali says is so very true!
Yoga has been completely hijacked by westerners and metamorphosed into something they try to interpret to the people of the world including to the lend of origin by creating styles like the fashion industry!
The word YOGA itself means BALANCE and it is indeed paradoxical!


instead of moving to oneness yogis form groups, ownership and tribes ... seems strange - they seem to be moving further away.
massage their egos and you have wayward gurus and teachers.
the warning signs are ignored by those bitten by the power bug ... and then bye bye ashtanga.
dont call it yoga ... and maybe these people are right to call it by some other name 'Anusara' so that when they go wayward it is not yoga but 'anusara' ... in a way its good to call it names ...


Total novice here, my yoga practice is fairly new and definitely of the "modified" version-intimidated when a friend passed Yoga Journal on to me; the cover had gorgeous people in pretzel positions. Then I read some articles by gentle people who shared principles and spirituality and I find I'm hooked. I marvel at the difficult postures and attempt some of the easier ones. Just upped my subscription. Thank you all!

iyan Yaspriyana Bali

When I read one of Mr. Iyengar statements: “Yoga is Asthanga”, confused me. How come the living guru of Hatha yoga said that? Now 9 years later I’m starting understand, also when one of our Balinese priest said: “Balinese do yoga, but not that kind of asana like western people do, making offering and praying is our yoga”. That statement gavis me deeper understanding about yoga.
As an Eastern, I have some question: Is it ‘yoga style’, ‘asana style’ or ‘asana sequence style’? And is it wrong if a yoga teacher does not follow any style? What the reason ‘new gurus’ created new yoga style (there are 300 or some more styles, today), do you need to create it and for what (for marketing?)?
I just wish yoga style creator not going too far and turn them self into new guru who direct people into ‘new religion’. This is what is happening in Ubud (Bali) right now; one of the samples is this: one day my friend having lunch at the little restaurant, and there were a group of yogi came in and sitting almost next to her. After introducing and chatting little bit, one of the yogi asked her: “So, if you don’t do yoga, why you live in this village?” Wow! It was shocking question. My friend answered silently: “who are you ladies? I live here for 20 years, you just visiting this village and claim this village is yours?” It was too humiliated for her, and when she told me that I was hurt. What a cleric, many western run away from their religion and they established new religion: religion of Yoga.
I wish this letter will give something for yoga teachers. And I wish yoga practitioners still able to live together with other ‘normal’ human being. Living harmony and civilize.


I was certified by a wonderful teacher named Sandra Carden... in a little town in Michigan.... her studio and life revolves around... Union Yoga. You all should do a story about her and her husband Field. We all say we are certified in Union yoga... a little bit of everything! Lake Leelanau, Michigan... Union Yoga, Sandra and Field Carden... LOOK THEM UP!! They are yoga! Love them!

elizabeth grolle

The most inspirational teachers I have ever had the pleasure to have worked alongside have all been trained in many different styles of yoga asana and practice methodologies ...Inspiration and I like the non dogmatic approach too teachers that encourage you to find your own way and the fact that they have obviously gone out and experienced and took part in learning and respecting many different styles the fact that they have been open to all encourages me to work alongside them and to be taught by them is all one YOGA does not matter how or in what style you get there :-) love to all x

Swami Atmarupa

I agree that trying different styles in the beginning is a good approach to find what is appropriate for you. However, training in and teaching so many different styles has to keep the average teacher from exploring yoga in depth just on the basis of time alone. The article equates eating in different cultures and then seasoning your food differently and this is exactly the case. To do this is to continually seek a new experience from without rather than grow in yoga from within. It's entertaining the senses. To truly grow in the spiritual practice of yoga, difficulties will arise along the path and it is the dedicated student/teacher who uses yoga practice to go deeper and experience true growth rather than look outside for the distraction of variety. The true master teachers aren't teaching multiple styles of yoga. They became masters by exploring the depth of their practice.


i teach a class that encompases bits and pieces of many types of yoga and also some quigong and energy medicine from Donna Eden. Students love it because there is somethign for everyone to walk away with and do at home. As a teacher I love to learn new things and then share them with students. That keeps yoga exciting for me too.


I think that when styles of yoga become diluted, it can be confusing for the students. I find that as a yoga teacher, when I take a class with someone who has immersed themselves in one style, the teachings come across in a more clear way. Also, may styles have contradicting sequences and one can not really experience the beauty of one style, which, after all, has already been tried by a master in the past. Why reinvent the wheel and make a mish mash of something that may arleady have a reason for being?

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