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it is so nice to help yoga teachers.


I recently subbed for a gentle class at a tea shop. No one showed up for the class, I waited 15 minutes, no one came, so I went out, ordered lunch and some tea and returned some phone calls that were on my list to do that day. 30 minutes after class start time, 2 students walked in with mats in tow. I thought for a split second about teaching, but my salad was waiting, I was in the middle of a call, and also, I thought it was kind of rude of them to show up 30 minutes late for class.

I recently spoke with the teacher I was subbing for, and she said I should have left the shop after class, and that when the students showed up, I should have taught because thats what she would have done, and that she doesnt mind students coming in late.

I disagree, except maybe about the part where I should have left. I dont feel I should follow another teachers boundaries and not my own. I feel I am there to teach a class similar to their regular class, but that I am still free to bring "me" to it. And if I dont wish to wait 30 minutes for students to show up, or teach when my lunch is waiting, then I should be able to do so and not feel guilty about it.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

jewls silva

The article is very helpful with all tips included, and I don't believe there is anything wrong with promoting yourself. Just be sure to keep certain boundaries and don't try to take other teachers clients.

Julia Thorley

Whenever I sub, I also say in my introduction that no one should do anything they're not comfortable with or that they know they shouldn't be doing. Students don't always want to share personal health information with a stranger, but this way they know I'm not expecting them to hold poses until their eyes water!

Jessica Ann

Rather than criticize what's wrong with this article I'll take what good that comes with anything and say that as a teacher in training, I find this article helpful. I have not yet started teaching and it's very helpful to me to know what to expect and how I can make my class enjoyable and as ethically sound as possible.

Darlene Kleberg

I very much disagree with this article - yoga teachers should be honor bound to sub & do their best to introduce students to yoga - and not be there for an opportunity to promote their self or business. Remember Ahimsa & Asteya. Are we not here to make a better world or only here for ME?


"instead of leaning into students and making them deepen their poses....." making them?
Forgive me, but I have a bit of trouble with this comment since I don't think it's up to the yoga teacher to physically press participants into ANY deepening. Deepening CAN be accomplished with queueing or have we forgotten this? Also, with the exception of glaring foundational problems which might cause harm, I let my students come into their unique/individual expression of the pose. Isn't this, after all, what the practice is about?

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