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Studio Self-Assessment Quiz

Signs your yoga studio is ready for business in today's market.


Chances are you first opened your studio because of your love of meditation, Downward-Facing Dog and all things mind, body and soul—not due to a penchant for shuffling papers and phone tag. Or maybe you're one of those business-savvy entrepreneurs who are ready to take your studio to the next level. This quick self-assessment tool will help you identify your readiness for doing business in today's technology-driven, "I want it now" consumer environment.

Answer Yes or No to each of the following:

I am using some type of integrated business management software to run my yoga studio (e.g., a single system that does scheduling, payroll, eCommerce, marketing, etc.).

My customers can book (and pay for) their classes online, if they want to (versus having to call or stop in to book a class) and my system automatically sends them class reminders via text or email.

I offer my customers the ability to pay with credit, debit and/or gift cards, both at the front desk and from my studio's website.

My employees can check their schedules remotely.

I can easily manage and export hourly, commissions and other types of employee payroll information.

I am able to retain existing clients and attract new ones via automated marketing programs. (e.g., targeted emails, client referral and reward programs, Facebook integrations, etc.)

My studio sells products that we use in the studio and that my students like.

We change displays and promotional materials on a regular basis so there's always something new to see.

My studio maintains a space for community bulletins and information of interest to our students.

In addition to classes, my studio offers complementary services, such as a one-on-one classes, special workshops, or massage or bodywork.

I can quickly manage my inventory and know what my best sellers are, when I'll run out of product, and who's purchased what items.

Scoring: Give yourself 1 point for each Yes answer, 0 for No.

7-11: Congratulations! You are well on your way to meeting the high expectations of today's consumers. Chances are you're using some type of yoga studio management software to offer some or all of your products and services online and offering supplemental services that give your students what they want so they don't have to look elsewhere. This puts you in an excellent position for taking advantage of your customers' impulse buying and accommodating their busy schedules.

3-6: It seems you have some good strategies in place, but you might be relying on multiple systems to make it all work or putting all of your business eggs into one basket. Looking into software that can help you streamline your business interests and into supplemental services at your studio can help you grow beyond your current market.

1-2: The pen and paper technique may have served its purpose, but if you want to remain financially viable and meet your customers' expectations, it's time to welcome the new ways of doing business.

Article by MINDBODY. To learn more about MINDBODY, go to
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Reader Comments


This is such a bogus attempt at getting people to purchase Mind-body software. Really, really sad, Yoga Journal.

I have none of these things, and run a great studio with five teachers, plus subs, and dozens of loyal clients.

There's no need for fancy software if you keep it simple. Cash or check always works - and, online, Paypal - and in the studio, if students don't have cash, they can pay for their classes with a Smartphone card reader. I don't even have a computer in the studio - I've been open for four years and have never needed one there.

Keep it simple - after all, isn't it an escape from this technology-driven world that most yoga students are looking for?!

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