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thanks for your article, I'll use with my students, teenagers, so I wish the topic engages them.


KIP, the whole point to this article is to focus on self and not to compare one's study's with another. If the first aspect of yama is not self preserved how can any of the other components be. These words come from no other place than from stillness.


Please correct your Ahimsa definition. Ahimsa means kindness and non-violence towards all living things including animals; it respects living beings as a unity, the belief that all living things are connected. Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi strongly believed in this principle. This is why true yoga teachers and practitioners are vegetarian. If you eat animals, then call your practice "asana" practice, which is just one of the 8 limbs of yoga, but please do not say you practice yoga. Ahimsa is the very first yama of the very first limb, before all others; it is the foundation which the rest of the yogic limbs build on.


Thanks for this article..helped alot! om shanti


I am not a yoga teacher (htough one day I hope to be) - but this article was very valuable in helping me understand the Yamas. Thank you.


Thank you for this insight on how to teach these in our class. This is inspiring....

Swami Eshanananda Aranya

I am impressed with this article. All the Yamas and Niyamas need first to be applied to the self. It cannot be possible to be violent (Ahimsa) to others, including all sentient beings, if first you become aware of the practice of non-violence to your own self. I cannot be untruthful (Satya) to others once I learned to be truthful to my self, in every life situation. I cannot take more than I need (Asteya) from this amazingly beautiful planet once I became aware of the difference between my needs and my wants - but more importantly, how my wants impact on the animals, birds, fishes and insects and the planet itself. This reasoning applies to all Yamas and Niyamas. Yoga is meant to be lived in each moment but for most of us a higher level of self awareness needs to be developed for us to come to this place of understanding. Giving students 'homework' of practicing Ahimsa in thought only for a week (try that in heavy morning traffic!); the following week in speech; then in action is an extremely powerful teaching. As a teacher, I learned so much from my students while they practiced living Yama and Niyama. Shanti...

Iyan Yaspriyana Bali

Dear Aadil, thank you again to bring us back, to remind us again.
I have some pictures in yoga world today; some yogis and some yoga teachers going too far and they make yoga like another religion. They become inclusive, while other non yoga people are exclusive for them.
It hurts me... I'm a yoga teacher, but I don't call myself a yogi. Because for me: 'yoga for my life'. And people who came to my yoga retreat, they are taking yoga for their life, not their life for yoga. And it is the real meaning yoga.
Mr. Aadil, I love the way you write. It is really pleasant, you are my inspiration. Please, keep spreading this wisdom for us yoga teachers.


Wonderful !


Ahimsa applies only to people? Since when does yoga separate beings. Come on! You can say vegetarian diet! Yama do NOT apply to ourselves. They are guidelines in the treatment of others. Niyama apply to others. Not impressed at all with this article. Expected much more. I teach this class regularly, and use ahimsa to highlight the benefits of a vegan diet. Fyi himsa is a convolution of the sanskrit word simha or lion. Has nothing to do with people.

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