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Paula Spare

This article touched me at my very core because it articulated the intense process I have been going through since 2003. I developed a debilitating nerve disease and was forced to walk away from all the things I thought were me!! This difficult process has taken me through Tapas, Svadhyaya, & Ishvara pranidhana and I very much relate to Laura's story. I have had to surrender and embrace the fact that my body will never be what it once was. This surrender is a daily and sometimes, minute to minute process.


Laura's experience relates to me. Admire her ability to surrender to the damage and sense a deeper purpose. Surrender and sense seems to be the first step on the road. Here goes!


Going geographic is an alcoholic term. Let's not confuse that term with moving someplace because the person is finished with the people and situation there and craves more cerebral stimulation. Sometimes to sit in (poop) is a nasty idea. Moving out of a bad place and into a better one is ALWAYS BETTER, especially when you never wanted to be in the place that you are. Sometimes moving for work is a pain, but is a necessary evil. I've done it 17 times first in an untenable situation then for work, then for my husband's work. A job is a way to eat. When somebody's clobbering you over head and you want to be able to eat, moving is good for you too. People who don't like to move usually are lazy. Sometimes you gotta do it for your mental health, especially if you have no connections after many, many years. Something's wrong...


The comment on the husband means more than any other pain. It means the breakup of your family. If you have no family, the holidays are a disaster BUT if you marry an alcoholic, worse! Losing people is serious business. Losing them to trauma is really serious, being resilient is one thing, supertrauma for years and years is quite another. As for Frank McCourt, he was handed the worst deck of anybody I've ever heard. Makes for great stories but for a lousy life. Poor Frank. He's in heaven now sitting right next to the fairest of them all.


wow! such profound wisdom at such an appropriate point in my life... thank you deeply xx


a great article to read-puts so many ideas and concepts together-helps to keep all those ideas in the present-very accessible-


This article has given me insight and hope that my current work dealing with the impact of past traumas is not in vain. I would like to access Bob Hughes' support to aid my personal development / recovery. I find it amazing that this article was published at such an appropirate time for me.


wonderfully written article. very insightful. i have had a lot of trouble with latching on to suffering and this has given me a lot of tools to change that pattern.


This was an article speaking to me at this personal time in my life. Very well written.


I found also that combining Emotional Freedom Technique with my yoga practice, was a tool that helped release layers of tormenting 'unknowns' (core issues) that have been impeding my true identity (Sat Nam). I work daily on a Personal Peace Procedure with my yoga....and finally am not feeling so lost anymore.

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