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Low libido? The worst part of menopause for me. I did not see anything in the article regarding low libido.


Saying something didn't work, well how do you know that, if you didn't experience the same exact thing without it. This is something that you can never know ;-) The symptons may well have been worse without it.


I forgot to add that I also turned to Yoga and Meditation to deal with depression (?) and mood swings. The natural medicine I am taking helps with the hot flashes but my mind and body can benefit from yoga in all stages of my life. But please make that stupid menopause go over and away ASAP


My mother took the drugs and got breast cancer. Luckily she survived! I am taking lack cohosh (Cimicifuga Racemosa) that helps.
Hope you can get it in your country too!

Deirdre Murnane

I am 52, a yoga and dance teacher and have been practicing yoga for 15 years. For the last 6 or 7 years I have been dealing with joint (mostly tendon/muscle attachment) pain. I often wake up in the morning unable to move and though yoga helps I am not able to practice like I once did. I have read recently that this is another symptom of menopause but I do not see it listed here. I would be very grateful for any information or support.

Anne O'Connell

I can really relate to this! I turned to yoga to help deal with my symptoms and then also had the main character in my first novel, Mental Pause do the same. The combination of yoga and writing (which is very cathartic) have helped me stay sane. The nights that I lay awake sleepless I hit the keyboard and poured out what I considered the mad ramblings of a perimenopausal woman. One night I started giggling and decided to turn it into a novel. It was fun... I cleared the fog using yoga and used both writing and yoga for my mental well-being :)
Thanks for your amazing magazine,


I initially started taking yoga classes because I had heard that it helped with menopause symptoms. Starting menopause at 36 and having as many as 20 to 25 hot flashes a day plus sleep disturbances I was really hoping it would help. It did not help with my symptoms AT ALL. Not a whit. However, the other benefits were very real and I've maintained a practice now for almost 20 years. So it MAY help some people. But it may not. It won't hurt you to try it and you may end up loving it for a different reason!


what kind of herbs or vitamins can you suggest or foods to eat during menopause i'm 59


I am a five year Breast Cancer Survivor in my early 60's. Having a complete hysterectomy at the age 36, I was on HRT until age 50, at which time I stopped HRT. I had five years of menopause prior to BC diagnosis. Following treatment for BC, my hot flashes got worse. Five years later I am a walking, talking hot flash. I do yoga, tai chi, and Zumba weekly and am just one huge hot flash. However, I love what yoga does for me.


My advice is to find a woman Doctor who only works with menopausal women. They are out there and going through menopause themselves. Tell her that you want to deal with your symptons holistically. There are some great vitamins and herbs out there that are high quality and will make you feel like your old self again. I was a train wreck 3 years ago and I have done a complete turn around with vitamins and herbs that my Doctor suggested. What's unfortunate is insurance will pay for the hrt that causes cancer but for vitamins and herbs that don't.

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