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Although it is difficult sometimes, hot flashes are actually very cleansing. Isn't heat and sweat cleansing? Don't we sometimes force ourselves to sweat when we feel dis-ease? I have learned that night sweats (and they can be sooo annoying) are our bodies way of cleansing and purifying during this incredibly intense and spiritual time of our lives when we become wisdom women.


I just printed this article. Very helpful! It's nice to know how I can vary my yoga practice to suit my new perimenopausal needs. I think I'm mostly going through the "sympathetic nervous system and the adrenals .. stuck in overdrive" part. It's, well, unnerving! I will add more forward bends to my practice. And I'll be checking out two of the books mentioned in the article. Thank you for this good and detailed information!


Thank you for such an intelligent, thorough article. I'm entering the "peri" phase and found this information very helpful!


I have been a yoga instructor for 40 years, took HRT for 13 years, had a beautiful and productive life and was diagnosed with estrogen postive breast cancer 3 years ago. It was caused from the HRT. I am now cancer free, but beware of soy products, as they are filled with estrogen. Just continue to do the yoga and accept life as it was meant to be lived.


To anyone thinking of taking HRT, please be aware that some of the most widely prescribed of these products are made from the urine of pregnant mares.
The process involved is very cruel.
Mares are repeatedly impregnated, deprived of water to concentrate the urine, they get infections from the rubber urine collection bags, and are tethered in cramped stalls. When the foals are born, most are just sent off for slaughter.
Please be aware of this.


Bio-identical is not nearly as damaging as the old hormones. Actually I don't think I would ever stop taking them. They helped my DFS immensely along with yoga.


Great article...and I have read many! I am on the verge of quitting bioidentical hormones (a group of very popular Santa Monica doctors have tried to convince me that I will be sorry when I stop). Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. My chief complaint is insomnia and migraines. Is there any way you might provide a page with images showing the poses you describe?


Great Great Article, Thank You! I'm a 51 year old yoga instuctor who is amazed everyday by the benefits of a regular yoga practice.


Eating healthy, staying fit, taking vitamins, and beginning yoga practice at 54 helped to make menopause delightful. My only regret is that I did not take up yoga 20 years ago.

China Sy

I am going through all these perimenopause symptoms at 53. I weigh 200lbs and use mentainance pills for hypertension. I never tried exercising regularly. Please help me live a healthy yoga life. Thank you so much.

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