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Cat Wylie

Yoga has been such a help for me. It may leave me a little tired here and there as I took to Ashtanga more than any other form, but I find I have more energy if I practice at least four days a week at a gradual level. If I miss a couple of days, I feel my energy start to wane again.


Yoga is a broad name for so many things. How one knows what type of yoga to practice an whom to trust.


Yoga is never harmful if you learn how to listen to your body, do not attempt asanas that are too hard for you or not right for your condition and take lessons at first. I have CFS and I have to modify my daily yoga practice to where I am with energy and pain wise. Somedays I may do one restorative pose. Yoga has helped me more than anything for the last 13 years.


A hopeful article for me, as I have suffered with post-exertional CFS symptoms for a dozen years or so and can very much relate with Dunlap (male CFS sufferer in article), as I too was once an avid athlete and general go-getter. I have to agree with comments by Luther, though. My experience with yoga has not been good thus far, and it has in fact often made my symptoms far worse than even attempts at conventional exercise. That said, I probably tried to do too much too fast, and think I will try an approach similar to Klein's (as in the article).
@Lisa: I think you are on to something here, for certain, as I am an over-thinker at times. Insightful comment which I will try to test.


as a person with cfs (cfids) for almost 18 years, i can say that depending on where one is at with this disease, they must be very careful with yoga. i can do a yoga session that is not particularly demanding and be knocked out for a couple of days with a slew of symptoms, conservatively. there are benefits, but yoga is not a panacea for cfs or any other illness. it can at times be harmful. so, please if you have cfs or ms, be careful. perhaps try jon kabbat zinn's gentle hatha yoga cd's. many times the problems with this illness outweigh the benefits of yoga...after practice.

Dalibor Pavlik

This is really a fantastic article. Thank you so much. My story is very similar to Richardīs and Ellenīs. I have suffered from CFS for the past three years. At the beginning I have spent 6 months in bend. Though my condition is better I am still feeling very weak. I tried many treatments. Last week I have discovered Dr. Perrinīs technique, which uses simple exercise and massage to stimulate the lymfatic system. Then I thought that perhaps yoga could do the same and, here we go, there is this wonderfull article.


I think the reason why yoga (and other physical activities that promote feeling and awareness in the body) works so well is because it helps to rebalance the brain and thus promote healing. The left brain is the logical, thinking side, and with A-type personalities, it becomes overworked and stressed. The right brain is the intuitive, feeling side, and is often underutilized by people (like myself) who are very driven. When one engages in sensory activities and awareness of one's body (e.g. through yoga, mindfulness training, meditation, martial arts, even skiing or swimming), one has to use the right brain and give the left brain a rest. The symptoms of tiredness and sickness are just the body's way of telling us that something is off balance. I also believe that it takes time to heal and rebuild one's strength if the right brain has not been used in a while. Balance is the key.

In response to Sian: For very gentle yoga - suitable for those who have severe CFS and need to start reallllly slowly - check out Liz Franklin's Yoga in Chairs DVDs.

Danielle Naus

I started with Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa Level II at home every morning and it really helped my energy level and my mood and increased my flexibility. I get more from a yoga class. I struggle with form and breathing but yoga gives me more relief than any doctor, nutrition, or any drug. Namaste

Hortensia Fonseca

Hi, I am a intermidiate yoga adict but suffering mononucleosus infectous. And I been 1 week withouth doing yoga, since it appears in my whole system.
I want to now what exercises do you recomend I for this illness. I need to do something because I now this will help me a lot. I will appreciate you help and wise coments.

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